Sunday, November 25, 2012


     SaaP GUISEEE! I just got hit with another wave of writer's block whilst trying to write a stupid political science essay. Dat shyt suxxx forrealz LMAO! Since I want to stay productive, what better way to get the creative juices flowing then by hitting you with some new music?! 
I got a new favorite artist. He goes by the name Bird Peterson aka Drankenstein! Disproving ginger-h8rs around the world, his music is firey-hot like his fire beard and has more soul than a Southern, african-american gospel choir. Can I git an "AMEN"! His beats are one of kind, showcasing sophisticated samples and influences in heavy electronic dance shit, hip-hop, old skool funk, and so much more. If I was a promiscuous female, I would sleep with this man in a heart beat. ...forget that last part, check out these 3 tracks and N_frikkin_joy!

Pon De Girls (Bird Peterson Remix):

mmmmmHMMMMM! This is what they just used to jam out to, back in the prohibition days. Down some moonshine n grind on some silly wenches. #HISTORYLESSONFORYOURBROKEASS! #YOLOSWAG xD <--I just learned that, that face is this face (">_<") sideways! xD

Diamonds (Bird Peterson Remix):

HOLY FUX! Everybody tweet @rihanna and tell her to thank Bird for taking her sissy-ass song and adding some super, sexual grit.

Swimming Pools (Bird Peterson Remix):

Back in the day, I used to luhhhh rap musik! Over time, it has lost its appeal to me but when you lay a deep, mesmerizing beat over ANY lyrics, imma be sure to listen! xD (new fad). Do a whole pot and slap this trap anthem!


EDIT:// I forgot to add...all his music is free on his SOUNDCLOUD

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