Wednesday, November 28, 2012


    Last night, RL Grime (in my opinion, one of the most sophisticated trap-style artists out there right now), released a FREE, amazing remix of Rihanna's single "Pour It Out". Today, Rihanna's management forced RL Grime to take it down due to copyright violation. HOOLLLDD up! Since when is sampling copyright violation?! 99% of songs put out today are sampled! Matter of fact, I'll bet my left nut that all of Rihanna's new album is sampled! This is just a nonsensical, greedy move by some fat, greasy, corporate bastards.
If anything, Rihanna and her management should be thanking RL Grime for the free promotion and taking her music to the next level. This song goes DEEP. Emotional, heavy shit....Wait...what?! What the fuck am I saying....its about god damn stripping! 
Bottom line: Rihanna, if you're reading this, tell your management to get their heads out of their gaping asses. 

Pour It Out (RL Grime):

Download this shit and play it out for all to hear!


PS: I don't hate Rihanna, this was probably out of her control.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


     SaaP GUISEEE! I just got hit with another wave of writer's block whilst trying to write a stupid political science essay. Dat shyt suxxx forrealz LMAO! Since I want to stay productive, what better way to get the creative juices flowing then by hitting you with some new music?! 
I got a new favorite artist. He goes by the name Bird Peterson aka Drankenstein! Disproving ginger-h8rs around the world, his music is firey-hot like his fire beard and has more soul than a Southern, african-american gospel choir. Can I git an "AMEN"! His beats are one of kind, showcasing sophisticated samples and influences in heavy electronic dance shit, hip-hop, old skool funk, and so much more. If I was a promiscuous female, I would sleep with this man in a heart beat. ...forget that last part, check out these 3 tracks and N_frikkin_joy!

Pon De Girls (Bird Peterson Remix):

mmmmmHMMMMM! This is what they just used to jam out to, back in the prohibition days. Down some moonshine n grind on some silly wenches. #HISTORYLESSONFORYOURBROKEASS! #YOLOSWAG xD <--I just learned that, that face is this face (">_<") sideways! xD

Diamonds (Bird Peterson Remix):

HOLY FUX! Everybody tweet @rihanna and tell her to thank Bird for taking her sissy-ass song and adding some super, sexual grit.

Swimming Pools (Bird Peterson Remix):

Back in the day, I used to luhhhh rap musik! Over time, it has lost its appeal to me but when you lay a deep, mesmerizing beat over ANY lyrics, imma be sure to listen! xD (new fad). Do a whole pot and slap this trap anthem!


EDIT:// I forgot to add...all his music is free on his SOUNDCLOUD