Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend B33t Basket

   Good luck to all of those making the trek into the Nevada desert to experience a weekend of extraordinary proportions! First of all, it blows my mind that Electric Daisy Carnival sold out this year.....DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY PEOPLE that equates to?! Hundreds and thousands. Yeah, a lot of it is due to the popularity of popping pills and seeing Avicii drop Levels but with that a side, Insomniac has done a good job of adding great, under played artists of every genre. 
Secondly, I like the direction they are trying to turn EDC into, making it similar to Winter Music Conference/Ultra. What I mean is, during the week, all the artists play the local clubs and then cap it off with an epic weekend, massive rave. My only qualm is the astronomical ticket prices to see these artists. These club promoters are getting a little too green but there is nothing we can really do =/ 
Welp, due to the hole in my pocket and the leash that school has around my neck, I'll be waiting for people to upload everyone's live set onto the interwebz and crying into my pillow. 
Oh yeah, here are 4 tunes to get you grooving into the weekend. Holla Maholla!

Hell Yeah (Original Mix):

Just a random tune I discovered. It's got a funky, old school vocal sample over a filthy club beat. Perfect for building up the crowd before dropping something heavier. If anyone can tell me where the vocal sample came from, I'll give you an eHigh five.

Drop It (Club Mix):

Les Petit Pilous had my attention after Dada Life's unforgettable December 2010 Mix. This duo combines some of the hardest sound over complicated techno beats. Not surprised that they have finally gained a spot on techno giant, BOYS NOIZE RECORDS! This is a groovy, tech house track that will get people stepping.

Three Triangles (Original Mix):

Don't worry, I got some bangers for you as well. Hardwell with another fantastic original. I don't get it, how can Guetta be #1 DJ when there are producers like HARDWELL?! God damn, this kid hits it on the nail every time.

Xomp (Original Mix):

Another random tune I discovered. Rip off some faces with bangzor! End of the night tune that will have boobies flying left and roight! 

All tracks are MUST harvest

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