Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend B33t Basket


High For This (Ellie Goulding Remix):

I'd say it's pretty tough to match The Weeknd vocally but Ellie Goulding does a nice job in this electro-pop rendition. Be sure to check out the original song. One version is for the beach, one is for getting freaky in the sheets!

Two Million (Original Mix):

Social media has changed the way artists reach out to fans and in appreciate of reaching two million followers on Facebook, Avicii has released this track for freezy! Being known as the guy who always plays happy shit, I like the layer of dirt he added on this track.

Black To White (Clockwork Remix):

Here is a steel-toed boot right up your Aushwnvizten (ass in german...jk i don't actually know any german). Clockwork is on the uphill climb and solidifying himself as one of the filthiest producers out there. Another fantastic track that will get the crowd jumping.

WTF! (Original Mix):

Nicky Romero and ZROQ bring the heat in this high-octane electro banger!

My tri-tip needs to be flipped so I gots to go.

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