Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Express Yourself

   Diplo. Diplo. Diplo. Another producer who I have the utmost respect for. Night in and night out, Diplo does his thing, whether it be rocking a crowd of 10,000 or sitting in the studio and pumping out slapping, original music. I would say the biggest thing that sets him a part from the rest, is his originality. House, rap, electro, name it, he has done it and done it DAMN well! Currently on his latest craze, Diplo released this banging moombahton EP, Express Yourself, which features 6 original tracks at 110 Booty Pops per Minute (BPM....ziiing!). This is crack & unicorns in aural form: both awesome and rare, you're gonna be shakin that ass til the early morn'. Below, I've shared 2 of my absolute favorites off the EP....RATCHET!

Move Around ft. Elephant Man & GTA:

What I really like about this genre is the open end for creativity. This track features tropical, intricate percussion, reggae-rap, a little dubstep/moombahcore and is blended at a significantly slower BPM than house, creating for some really filthy music! Two words final words: get DOWN!

Butters Theme (Original Mix):

MUSTHarvest in Butters from South Park? Either way, another fucking crazy track. Diplo knows what makes females tick. This is going to drive women through the roof! Good lawdd, when their mothers see them dancing to this.......


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