Tuesday, May 8, 2012


     YO YO YO YO YOOOO! I don't know how observant you guys are but if you didn't notice.....WE GOT THE MAWFUCKIN DOMAIN NAME BACK!!! Yaaaho0o0o0o0! We are no longer freshb33ts.blogspot.com and have now reverted back to FRESHB33TS.COM! Much easier to remember and much easier to tell your friends! Big shout out to T-Shamz for getting it back and what not. To celebrate (and because of my lack of posts), I am hitting you with four raucous tracks to shake yo ass to! Haven't felt this good in a while, big things to come!
It's a GOOD time JAmmboorreeeeEEE!
Harvest N enjoy.


A Dem Slackers original that I have been waiting for, for quite some time! Known for his phat beats and bass-heavy house music, this track is up to par for your raving needs. When your heart rate starts to drop, shock your system with this bumpin' b33t!


For all of you more refined listeners who like the more intricate tunes, YOU MUST check out Future Techno 1 released by Bad Life records. This compilation album is filled with too many well-constructed bleeps, bloops, and beefy bass lines, showcasing some of the best techno of 2012 from the top producers in the game. This track, Splinters, is a dark, warehouse banger that will suck out your soul and have you dancing like a lifeless puppet. Bang BANG BANG.

Silent Shadows (Qulinez Remix):

The swedish duo, Qulinez, are rising fast with their loud, hard big room sound. Recently signed to fellow Swede, Steve Angello's Size Records, these young cats are pumping out tracks left and right. There isn't much to say about this track except for the fact that its a top of line festival banger! This is when it's peak hours and it's time to drop a bomb. Fusing together dutch house elements, rumbling synths, and dubstep, Qulinez concocts a vicious monster for taming the crowd.


Got the domain back, time to Rage!


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