Monday, May 21, 2012

B33t Basket

    So yesterday, I went to Bay To Breakers in San Franciso at around 5:30 AM, was belligerent by 9 AM, got home at 3 PM, and slept til about 8 PM. The point to this story? I MISSED THE SOLAR ECLIPSE >_< Heard it was awesome :( kbye

A New Drug:

Digitalism handed out this track for free over the weekend and BY GEORGE, it is heavaaay! Indie Dance meets Electro in this hard hitting progressive rock tune. What I like about Digitalism is their ability to bounce between soft tracks, technical tunes, and teeth breakers; true artists that are going to make their mark.

Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix):

Alright, before you get angry at me for posting a Bieber remix, I am doing this as more of an exposure of Dada Life's new sound. Usually, we are expecting bass stacked on more bass infused with bass but more recently, shown in this track and in their remix of Kaskade's Llove, Dada Life is beginning to swim in the big-room waters. I don't know if I necessarily like it yet but I guess it's good to try and step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Shut It Down:

Since Dada Life couldn't fulfill your daily dose of low end juice, Starkillers have kindly taken up the task. Morphing a phat, acidic bass line and pumping synths, bodies will hit the floor.


Following their hit, Roll The Dice, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman come out with another festival bomb, paying homage to Mother Russia. Joseph would be proud.


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