Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekend B33t Basket

     Whats crackin? Time to get yo body jackin! Weekend b33t basket is packin! Lezzgo!

Delicious (TJR Remix):

Another BOMB from TJR. Everything from the booty-shaking beat to the filthy-but-fun vocal sample, come together to light 1000 lbs of dynamite under your ass.  When it comes to making dance hits, this dude is RELENTLESS! Harvest harvest harvest HARVEST!

Roll The Dice:

Discovered this tune around the time my computer broke but better late then never! I imagine confetti (like pictured above) and lasers on lasers on lasers! This is a giant festival track that will make the crowd jump.

I Want You:

MUSTHarvest Listen to this track on quality speakers/headphones!
Introducing....LUCKY DATE! This young gun is one of THEE most talented producers on the planet. His music is clean, tight knit, complex, and hard, all rolled into a giant ball of Holy Shit! This dude is rapidly rising to the top of the Complectro game, giving producers like Wolfgang and Porter Robinson a serious run for their money. HANG on to yo TEEFZ


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