Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend B33t Basket: Guess Who's Back Edition

      WHAT IS UP! FINALLY, after days, weeks, hours, minutes, and months of absence, I have finally kicked the horrible habit that people classify as "crystal meth" and am back to bringing you the freshest b33ts! Getting a new computer and finally being able to download music (legally of course....), literally feels like I've been shot into the future! Sensory overload! I know you've all missed me as much as I have missed you, and while I could sit here for hours, yammering about all the good times we've had, the weekend is calling and I can tell you're itching for a hit of da bass! Long overdue: THE B33T BASKET! Harvest and N_joy.
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Last Name London (Brodinski Remix):

Expect only the finest from the DJ's DJ, Brodinski! This track, albeit very simple, is straight up, 3rd-world-country-trailer-trash FILTH! I expect only the dirty girls to get down to this wobbly house track.
REALLY EXCITED to see that he is playing at I Love This City! Definitely the #1 artist I want to see perform. 

Eat God See Acid:
It was only a matter of time before tech-house producer, TJR, struck gold! Shortly after his 2012 single, Funky Vodka, landed in the top 10 of the Beatport chart, he decided to push the bar, releasing Higher 2.0 and this track, Eat God See Acid. His playful style balances bouncy techno and irresistible, punching beats that are guaranteed to create a mad rush to the dance floor. A GREAT producer that needs lots more recognition!

Miami Is The Bomb (Shameboy Remix):
The best way to describe the sound of the electric duo, Shameboy, is imagine you're in a forest and you see a bee hive. Right below it, you see a dirt mound, teeming with hundreds and thousands of red ants. As you start to walk over, you shed all of your clothing. Once in range, you began stomping the anthill and punching the bee hive, causing, how do you say....a frenzy? You get the point. These guys are high octane, pedal to the medal, bass in your face. This track go HARD!

Now that we're nice and jacked up, crack some skulls with Clockwork's latest track off his EP, Squad Up.  Hulk is a beefy, rave anthem that is going to choke your low-end! This is my personal favorite off the entire EP with Dillon Francis' remix coming in a close second.

Iconic (Tai Remix):

Very Boys Noize-esque and very smooovvvee. Love Tai, the end. 

Ah what the hell, since it has been such a long time, here is one more chune:
Red Line:

Warning! Super curveball. This is the NEWEST Wolfgang Gartner track but he has left behind the dirty, hard electro mantra behind and embraced a progressive, big-room sound. If someone told me this was Avicii or SHM's latest tune, I would believe it. I like the track but it isn't anything special. Hopefully this is only a short phase. 

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