Monday, April 23, 2012


       With Summer right around the corner, Viceroy is kicking up the heat with tropical vibes and smooth poolside jams! What makes this San Franciscan native stick out, is his tasteful ability to take literally ANY song and twist them into exotic, dance floor bombs!  A playful blend of disco beats and floating synths will have you living and dying by Viceroy's motto: Summer time, all the time!
Don't be surprised if you find yourself kicking off your shoes and taking off your shirt to catch some of those office light rays! Monday is now Funday and your boss told me to tell you that you got the rest of the day off! Ya'll welcome.

Last Friday Night (Viceroy's Poolside Remix):

Broadz go wild for this b33t!
Didn't like the original, can't get enough of this remix!
(bass line is 2phattt)

Paradise (Original Mix):


Going Back To Cali (Viceroy's "Jet Life" Remix):

A VERY tasteful remix of everyone's favorite classic!

This fine gentleman is always giving away music for free so be sure to Like him on Facebook and peep his SoundCloud so you don't miss out on all the goodness!
(Tell him Freshb33ts sent you)

drinking tequila straight out the bottle....widda straw! lyka trew playeur!

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