Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Devil's Work (Dirty South Remix)


       Worst. Day. Ever. Lately  in my life, every time things are going well for an X-amount of time, something BIG, that is NEVER pleasant, always has to happen and fuck shit up. Today was another one of those events. fuckkkkkk....definitely the Devil's work. Now, I know you don't read this blog to hear my cry, so CHECK IT: phat new remix from Dirty South of Miike Snow's single, Devil's Work, off their latest album. An emotional, big-room banger! makz me kry evrytim! 

Devil's Work (Dirty South Remix):

Speaking of Miike Snow, CHECK out the Hard Summer line up....shit is lookin miiighty tasty! mmmm  mmmm MMMM mmm MMMM:

Three thumbs down for Skrillex. One large boner for literally EVERYONE else. This line up is stacked!

~~~****Like this if u kry evrytym :(******~~~~~~

1 comment:

  1. im sooooooooo0o sry 4 ur bad stuf dat r hapenin n ur lyf3. i no egzatly how u feel. my gf got ran ovar wen da green man 4got to com on da sine. i kryd a lot. but muzic maeks me happi ^__^