Thursday, February 9, 2012

B33t Basket ft. OTTO KNOWS!

     What up b33theads! It's the freaking weekend! If your week has been a total shit bin, I got the perfect blend of tunes to release stress and relax a bit. First, we'll dirty up your palate with lots of heavy bass then clean it up and put you in a warm, fuzzy place with some pretty progressive chunes. Turn that frown upside down and lets go down to funky town! 

Rule The Dance Floor:

I caught wind of this tune over at Gotta Dance Dirty. Charles I has always been a producer that gets me excited (in a completely non-sexual way, you sick bstrds)! His use of heavy, gritty bass and tight-knit production has always put his music a notch above the rest. Check out his Sound Cloud for more tasty treats!


This tune is 1 of 2 off his latest EP and it's MONSTROUS! Featured in Dada Life's January mix, it's a nice blend of techno and electro and will make your ears bleed! A+

Room For Happiness (Gregory Klosman Remix):

If the first two tracks were too hard for you, here is the soft serve. Gregory Klosman revamps Kaskade's track (which was wayyyy too soft for me) and adds a perfect balance of big-room over Skylar Grey's orgasmic voice. That shit makes me HAWNNNNYY. jk :)

Million Voices:

Continuing with the soft serve......If you're an avid harvester, you'll have already listened to episode 1 of Sebastian Ingrosso's Refune Radio, where this diamond was put in the spot light! Young gun, Otto Knows, is the mastermind behind this melodic track! I imagine everyone in the entire world, holding hands and dancing in a circle singing Kumbaya and slapping this track.....brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it......

party hardy

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