Monday, February 20, 2012

B-day b33t basket

     My brain hurts.........note to self: rubbing alcohol doesn't get you drunk. overall, b-day=great success but i need rest. Here are 3 slamming b33ts, now leave me alone.


Bingo Players have been on my radar since "Disco Electrique" (yeah, i'm cooler than you) and what they have evolved into since then is pure awesomeness. There latest single, L'Amour is a curveball to their regular style and it sounds like Daft Punk at their peak (never a bad thing). A+. The Bingo Players are big but need the attention that Swedish House or Deadmao-five get.


Another bomb from Laidback Luke, Arno Cost, and Norman Doray. I know what you're thinking: "Who the fuck is Arno Cost and Norman Doray?!" My response: "Fuck youuuuuu" (They are 2 progressive geniuses) Anywhoooo, this is cool. I am cool. So I know what will make you cool. Play this song, you will be cool. Simple as that.

Funky Vodka:

Speaking of people that need more attention.....T-muthafuckin-JR! This producer, is a technical genius and has a "knack" for concocting smooth, groovy bombs. While the name of this track alone is making me gag, the contents of the song are making me wiggle. Word of the day: AWESOME!

holy hell, how are we in the year 2012 and don't have an instant cure for hangovers......

PS: since its my bday, plz give me a "Like" on Facebook it really would help my head :) ( can always unlike it tomorrow if you want :( ) <-its  a frowny face with a parentheses sign, NOT someone opening their mouth really wide.

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