Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terrible News

Terrible News:
While I was in New York, some dick head poured beer on my lap top and failed to tell me. I would make the bstrd pay for all the damage....but I don't know who done it!
Hopefully, I will be able to recover ALL my music but the point is: with out a lap top I can't update Fresh B33ts.
Due to lack of funds, it is going to be a while until I am able to get a new computer SO....

Monday, February 20, 2012

B-day b33t basket

     My brain hurts.........note to self: rubbing alcohol doesn't get you drunk. overall, b-day=great success but i need rest. Here are 3 slamming b33ts, now leave me alone.


Bingo Players have been on my radar since "Disco Electrique" (yeah, i'm cooler than you) and what they have evolved into since then is pure awesomeness. There latest single, L'Amour is a curveball to their regular style and it sounds like Daft Punk at their peak (never a bad thing). A+. The Bingo Players are big but need the attention that Swedish House or Deadmao-five get.


Another bomb from Laidback Luke, Arno Cost, and Norman Doray. I know what you're thinking: "Who the fuck is Arno Cost and Norman Doray?!" My response: "Fuck youuuuuu" (They are 2 progressive geniuses) Anywhoooo, this is cool. I am cool. So I know what will make you cool. Play this song, you will be cool. Simple as that.

Funky Vodka:

Speaking of people that need more attention.....T-muthafuckin-JR! This producer, is a technical genius and has a "knack" for concocting smooth, groovy bombs. While the name of this track alone is making me gag, the contents of the song are making me wiggle. Word of the day: AWESOME!

holy hell, how are we in the year 2012 and don't have an instant cure for hangovers......

PS: since its my bday, plz give me a "Like" on Facebook it really would help my head :) (....you can always unlike it tomorrow if you want :( ) <-its  a frowny face with a parentheses sign, NOT someone opening their mouth really wide.

Friday, February 17, 2012

b33t basket

    WHAT UP WHAT UP! I'M IN MOTHERFUCKINGNEWWWWYOOORRRKK for the first time. It is awesome! Less squawking, more b33ts. Not to be selfish, but I don't want to waste my precious time on le computer. Here is your weekend b33ts. Get rowdy:

Now Hear This:

Dillon Francis continues to KILL it. This is 1 of 3 bombs off his new EP, "Some Something Awesome". I am noticing that he is picking up more of a Skrillex-esque style which is alright I guess...... I'm a huge fan of his moombahton stuff like his remix of "Broken Hearts" and "Que Que", which is slightly noticeable in the EP. Hopefully he goes back towards that direction in the future. Either way, love him as a producer and love the EP. Check it OUT.


A new Deadmau5 track that sounds like a watered down Wolfgang. I can't say I'm as big of a fan of Deadmau5's music anymore. 4x4 was a great album but the singles he's been putting out lately just aren't doing it....I want him to go back to the "Arguru"days (If you don't know what that is, google it. One of his best songs BY FAR).

Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion & Nero Remix):

This track is fucking amazing. Every vibration will soak deep into your bones and move your soul. Real powerful stuff, heed with caution.

Get Low:

This is the BIGGEST electronic tune going around right now! Definitely going to blow up worldwide!!! I am just messing around. This is one of my favorite party tunes and since I'm in the Big Apple, it is time to get REAAALL nasty. Once my production skills improve, I'm going to make a DIRTTTTTTYY remix of this bad boy. This track definitely deserves a Grammy! brb, gotta let the sweat drop down mah bawllzzzzz


Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Michael Woods, you dirty, durty bstrd!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

B33t Basket ft. OTTO KNOWS!

     What up b33theads! It's the freaking weekend! If your week has been a total shit bin, I got the perfect blend of tunes to release stress and relax a bit. First, we'll dirty up your palate with lots of heavy bass then clean it up and put you in a warm, fuzzy place with some pretty progressive chunes. Turn that frown upside down and lets go down to funky town! 

Rule The Dance Floor:

I caught wind of this tune over at Gotta Dance Dirty. Charles I has always been a producer that gets me excited (in a completely non-sexual way, you sick bstrds)! His use of heavy, gritty bass and tight-knit production has always put his music a notch above the rest. Check out his Sound Cloud for more tasty treats!


This tune is 1 of 2 off his latest EP and it's MONSTROUS! Featured in Dada Life's January mix, it's a nice blend of techno and electro and will make your ears bleed! A+

Room For Happiness (Gregory Klosman Remix):

If the first two tracks were too hard for you, here is the soft serve. Gregory Klosman revamps Kaskade's track (which was wayyyy too soft for me) and adds a perfect balance of big-room over Skylar Grey's orgasmic voice. That shit makes me HAWNNNNYY. jk :)

Million Voices:

Continuing with the soft serve......If you're an avid harvester, you'll have already listened to episode 1 of Sebastian Ingrosso's Refune Radio, where this diamond was put in the spot light! Young gun, Otto Knows, is the mastermind behind this melodic track! I imagine everyone in the entire world, holding hands and dancing in a circle singing Kumbaya and slapping this track.....brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it......

party hardy

Monday, February 6, 2012

Generation 303 -Nicky Romero

       Hot damn! Nicky Romero is at it again with another bombThis is his first release off Tiesto's label, Musical Freedom. G-303 consists of a powerful 303 lead (duh) and a build up melody, that hurts to say, is slightly reminiscent of LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It". Nonetheless, this tune doo doo's on LMFAO for many reasons: 1. No annoying lyrics and 2. 1000x more beefier. I also like how Romero cleverly added the Schoolly D sample made famous by The Chemical Brother's "Block Rockin' Beat". This track is gonna make the floor TILT! N_Joy

Generation 303 (Original Mix):



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There And Back

(^this could make a dope tattoo)

     LOVE THE NEW WOLFGANG TRACK! This does not disappoint! Wolfgang steps back from his darker, harder tracks and builds a beautiful, progressive bomb! This track is super melodic and flows like water! Let it engulf your soul in a warm electronic pool of sound! If you're looking for a drop that will blow your clothes off, you're in the wrong spot. If you're looking to be uplifted, high above the clouds, and get a small glimpse of heaven, this track is for you! N_Joy!

There And Back:

Throw on a pair of quality speakers, close your eyes, and get ready for the ultimate eargasm!