Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend B33t Basket #1009398848

    While I lay here, curled in the fetal position, regretting last night's poorly made decisions, I have a few songs I want you to listen to. Thanks.

Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix):

Grandmaster Eric Prydz blesses M83's biggest single, giving it a nice progressive flow. When this song plays, I imagine some real emotional shit like a fireman pulling people out of a wreck after a bomb goes off in a building or something "artistic" like someone diving off a 100 foot cliff..... I don't know....its just what I imagine..... fuck you.

Do The Robot:

At first glance, I was not a fan of this song BUT for some reason it has grown on me. Laidback Luke grabbing the filter knob and abusing it like your dad abuses liquor. The song sounds like a car with a fucked up transmission....

Slam The Door:

Hot damn, Pepper Ann! Zedd disregards your meager pleas for peace and beats up your ear drums with a SPECTACULAR, hard hitting track!

Total Recall:

The gloves are off! Here is an A+ slap from my all time favorites Flosstradamus. This gangster tune consists of sharp percussion and LOTSOFDABASS. Roll the windows down and drive slow.

whhhyyyyyy meeee?!!?!!? i wish i could rewind time and go back to last evening before 8pm and kick myself in the balls.....
long story short: crystal meth is one helluva drug

PS im kidding about the crystal meth, i only mess with airplane glue :)

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