Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lets Reflect

    What up b33theads! While you're groggily trying to figure out how Shamu ended up next to you this morning or for you more ambitious kitties, trying to start your New Years resolutions, lets slow down for a moment and reflect on an eventful, memorable year of 2011! I first thought about compiling my top 10 songs of 2011 but then it got real sticky as to who would rank over who and how all the different genres would effect the standings so instead I did it by month. 12 songs, 1 from every month that I felt really killed it and made a big mark the electronic music scene. If you disagree with my choices, please write me an angry letter then go to the post office and kill yourself. (HAH didnt see that one coming, did you??) Just kidding. Anyways, here we go:

1. Optinuum -Moguai

The electronic dance scene absolutely exploded in mid 2010 and continued to uncontrollably spill out all over the US. At the start of 2011, with progressive house becoming more popular due to the likes of mainly Deadmao-five, Moguai released this masterpiece to kick off what would become an even crazier year. This song is fuego!

2. Zero 76 -Tiesto & Hardwell

Released in February, this song is crucial because it marked the transition of Tiesto, switching from Trance to House, never to look back again :( Alongside this momentous change, this was a giant break for rising producer, Hardwell. Once Hardwell got this exposure, it was all main stages and top of the charts for the young son of a gun. Everyone loves a pumping big room track- N_Joy.

3. Big Bass Drum -TAI:

While big-room house generally took over the scene, producers like TAI keep it fresh with wobbly electro tracks like this one! One of my all time favorite filth tracks!

3.5. Que Que -Diplo & Dillon Francis

Sorry but I couldn't just pick one song in the month of March. This is another song that blew me away and marked the rising of the hot, new genre: MOOMBAHTON! Diplo has always been an idol of mine. He is a producer that is unafraid to meld every style of music from rap, electro, and reggae, dance-hall. Alongside, this was another big break for young star, Dillon Francis, who we can all say is some what the "poster boy" of the moombahton genre. Dillon Francis fits well under the Mad Decent label, because like Diplo, his production style  is unorthodox and unique. Big things continue to pour out from both producers and the Mad Decent label.

4. Cry (Just A Little) -Bingo Players

Bingo Players are EASILY in my top 5 Favorite Producers. What makes them special is their simplistic style and their ability to create tracks from dirty dutch and disco to main stage-festival tracks. This track brought them instant fame with its catchy, happy go lucky disco feel. From the time Cry took the top of the Beatport charts all the way up until now, they have continued to thrive with a multitude of top 10 hits like Rattle and Mode, as well as started their own label, Hysteria Records, and own radio show, Hysteria Radio. Unbelievable duo! Can't wait to see what they bring to the table in 2012!

5. Prutataaa -Afrojack & R3hab

As I continue to compile this list, I am starting to notice a trend: Current star does collaboration with protégé=both people gain all the spoils you can imagine......lucky bastards. Afrojack, the #1 DJ in the world, introduces fellow dutchman, R3hab and together they birth one filthy tune! Me likey!

5.5. Save The World -Swedish House Mafia

Yup, I had to do it. Paying homage to the greatest trio in the world. Swedish House Mafia kicked off the summer of dance music with this popular tune. For me, this song sticks out as to when House music became REALLLLY popular, like more plays on the radio, in the club, etc etc. Whether you like this song or not, SHM doesn't need your approval. What makes the trifecta so awesome to me is that they haven't gone off and done some bullshit, mainstream work to rake in more money and fame like David Guetta or even, Afrojack. Yes, I understand that D.G. and Afrojack are producers and a producer's job is to make music for anyone/everyone and yes, I still like their music but SHM doesn't deal with the petty mainstream crowd. They are solely about HOUSE and nothing BUT HOUSE. ReSpEkT, yo!

6. Lotus -Mumbai Science:

Still waiting for these guys to get the recognition they deserve. Techno and electro rolled into a giant rock, which is then melted down and injected directly into your eyeballs. I have never seen a crowd of 40 people turn so animalistic. These guys fucking rule and hopefully more people jump on the wagon in 2012.

7. Levels (Clockwork Remix) -Avicii

Oh yes I did! Two reasons this song is here:
1. Clockwork kills it with this edit. Its like getting punched in the nut sack by Pacquiao himself.
2. Avicii is a dope producer. Respect is due where respect is earned.

8. Bodywork -Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine

Age does not matter in the electronic music scene. Here is a fine example of young and old coming together and breaking necks. Bart B More is another young cat who is slowly climbing to the top. Mixing electro, wobbly bass music, and acid house, his music will make you laugh, cry, sneeze, fart. Check plus!

8.5. Calling -Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

Ah, another example of current star paving the way for young star. It was also nice to see Sebastian Ingrosso come out with an original track because I feel like people were getting skeptical as to how much he contributes to SHM. I mean, seeing how Axwell and Angello constantly pump out their own original stuff and what not..... Hey, I am not talking down on Ingrosso at all. Matter of fact, I freaking love him and if I was a woman, I would definitely sleep with him. I just needed some reassurance to show other people that he is thee man!
I could listen to this song a 1000 times in a row and not get sick of it. Don't test me.....

9. Audio, Video, Disco -Justice

And for a moment the world stopped spinning. Justice finallllllllllyyyy released new material which was  followed by a lot of criticism. Took me a while to accept the fact that the new stuff wasn't going to be like Cross. Nonetheless, I love Justice and the new material continues to grow on me daily. Seeing them in April, should be life changing.

9.5. Beta -Hardwell & Nicky Romero

This song is like if Mila Kunis and Amber Heard (the blonde smoke show from Pineapple Express) decided to release a s3x t4p3! Again, two rising stars swapping spit and ejaculating a tidal wave of unicorns and narwhals. Okay, that made no sense and I think I took it a little far. What I really mean is, here is a track that is the future. Both Nicky Romero and Hardwell have made leaps and bounds this year and continue to turn heads with every production they put out. Be on the look out for both of these bad boys come 2012.

10. Original Don -Major Lazer

It was wayyyy tooo long since Major Lazer put out anything new. This funky dance-hall influenced track has got everything you want in a party tune: heavy, fast-paced bass and grimy synths! Spark up your crack pipes and go krazy!

11. Let The Beat Control Your Body -Brodinski

My tune of 2011. TechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoTechno. We've heard enough house. Take it back to the warehouse rave, go to that happy place and let the beat control your body.....

12. Antidote -Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party

When legends collide.
Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party bringing in the last year on earth.

All in all, the electronic music scene is blown up in epic proportions. While it may be in its golden era, I know for a fact that it is here to permanently stay. Thanks to all my readers, it only gets better from here!
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