Friday, January 27, 2012

B33t Basket

     Sup! B33n sup3r busy lat3ly with school bullshit but I would n3v3r l3av3 you without th3 prop3r tunag3 for th3 w33k3nd!

Stay Up:

I was sitting around at work the other night and this tune was playing in the background. At first I didn't notice that I was tapping my foot and bobbing my head when one of my co-workers walked by and was like "YEAH MAN, THIS SONG IS NASSSTTY!!!" All of a sudden, disco dance party broke out, boobies were flying left and right! As the song started to end, I realized I needed to get the name of the track! Being a poor mawfucka and not having any sort of iGizmo, I quickly had my friend download Shazam (if you don't know what that is, look it up) and try and obtain the name of the mystery tune. After what seemed like an hour and as the song was nearly over, the iPhone prevailed and the song was found!
I now pass onto you this funky tech-house bomb!

Breakn' A Sweat (Zedd Remix):

He be killlin' em! Recycled sounds (the drop/main riff is basically Slam The Door) but still super phat! I can dig it!

In My Mind (Axwell Mix):

Another A+ edit from Axwell of SHM! I have no idea how he does it.....this is straight beeyoootiFULL! Oh and not to brag or anything but......I GOT TICKETS TO COSMIC OPERA!!!!!
The uniqueness of each member of The Mafia, makes it worth while to take the time to see each producer individually. Being the lucky bastard that I am, I will get experience Axwell in a production that he is personally putting together. It is going to be unreal. I will document it as best I can! Feb 24th can't come any sooner.

Every track is a MUST!


  1. Quick question: What's that thing dead center in front of the mixer, in the photo?

    Also, mad jealous about Cosmic Opera. Keep up the kickass posts.

  2. It's an EFX-1000 by Pioneer. Made for doing all kinds of edits/effects on the fly. They are nuts.

    Thanks for the kind words!