Friday, December 2, 2011

b33t basket

2much house. Time 4 techno. You will like. If you don't like, I will kill. 

La Sheitan:

This krazy tune is off Maelstom's lastest EP, Tanger, freshly released via BNR records; home of some of the best technical producers. I read the title as "La shitten"....I guess this could slap pretty hard in the bathroom...

Tanger (BNR Edit):

The Boss himself (Boys Noize) jumps on this track and gives it his magical touch! We need another original album from this man ASAP! Be on the look out for his 2 disk remix album (Dec 5). A compilation of all his remixes, showcasing his unique style!


Alright, so this isn't all techno today, but this is a sweet collaborations between Bart B More and Rubix. It's got that hard, acid-house bounce over crispy high's and phat snares. You will shake that ass!

Let The Beat Control Your Body:

Saved the best for last. Brodinski released this monstrosity off his newest label, Bromance. Would it be a compliment if I said this track was mentally retarded? Wait let me re-word that: This track will turn you mentally retarded! ...wait a more try: This track is MENTAL!!!!!!
I would make a stretch and say it is my top tune of 2011......
So original. So awesome.
I did a better write up for Speaker Noise Society regarding this chune. Check it out! Give them a Like. A lot of big things coming from that site.


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