Thursday, November 17, 2011


(I typed "Knife Party" into Google and got this. If only she swallowed that knife like she swallows ______fill in the blank_____....)

      What up people! Today, I got an awesome b33t basket to take you into the weekend! Nothing but floor shakers!
On another note. Yesterday, Congress began voting on the American Censorship Bill. This is a really big deal for EVERYBODY. Read up on it here, get your voice heard here
Now I know what you're thinking, sitting there in your underwear, in your mom's basement. "My vote won't make a difference, I could care less". Although I feel the same way, the only reason I put my name on these internet ballots, is that, if this bill passes, this could choke out websites like my own as well as put a big dent in the internet porn industry >_< YOU WOULDN'T WANT THAT?! WOULD YOU?!!? (kidding about the porn)

If you completely missed those links I posted:
Back to tha b33tz!

What You Know (Feed Me Cover):

I do like how he calls it a "cover" versus a "remix". I'm not sure what the difference is here but I like it! 

Sundown (Original Mix):

Here is a fantastic original by one of my all time favorites, Chris Lake. He mixes dirty, club house synths with progressive, almost trance-y, melodies. This one is to close out the night and guaranteed to make sure you're going home with a broad.

222 (Marco V Remix):

Not much else to say except that this is nice and heavy! This will fix your big room itch.

Raise Your Head (Original Mix):

After gaining even MORE popularity with his killer collaboration, Calling, with Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso recycles many of the same sounds and rhythms and gives us his latest single, Raise Your Head. Yeah, I said it, this track has SO many similarities to Calling, its ridiculous! I am only sharing this tune with you because 7/10 of you guys/broads will enjoy it. I don't think its bad. I just think the mawfucka was being lazy and wanted to score some easy points. Knotty, knotty...

Internet Friends (Original Mix):

SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! If you've been living under a rock, Knife Party consists of 2 of the members of the legendary, Pendulum! Knife Party's music comprises of hard, electro house, dubstep, drum & bass, and everything in between. Every track this new project puts out is pure gold. Internet Friends is fucking nuts and you're going to like it whether you want to or not!

Here is the vocal preview of their single with Swedish House that they've been teasing us with since late June. Fucking release it already! My bawlz are about to explode:


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