Monday, November 21, 2011


      Nothing better than waking up Monday morning to fresh new b33ts! Axwell (of ze Svedush Haüz Mafya) dropped this nasty remix in his minimix during their famous Radio 1 Take Over a few weeks back. This track is the perfect crowd teaser; it literally builds for 2+ minutes! If you combine A correctly with B, expect boobies to fly left n roight (If this track is mixed properly with another track (of your choice), nirvana will be reached)! Every DJ out there needs to add this to their arsenal! 

Resurrection (Axwell Remix):

I'm digging the phat piano lines and pumping bass. This is a great festival track!


PS I know Antidote has been released all over the web but I'm pretty sure they are all HQ 320 copies aka not the real deal. If you want to grab the track somewhere else, be my guest. I'm going to wait until the official release to share it with you people. Expect only the b3$t from Freshb33ts!

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