Monday, October 24, 2011

Fire & Ice

      What up b33theadz! On most Monday mornings, it is quite the chore getting out of bed. I slowly peel myself from the warmth of my king size water bed, away from the scantily clad women and silk sheets (thread count 10000. it literally feels like wrapping yourself in the fur of a puppy) and drag my feet to the kitchen, where my personal chef, Pierre, whips me up some hot French press. Well, THIS Monday was a whole other story! Once word was out that Kaskade had officially released his SEVENTH complete album, I sprang out of bed, grabbed my garden hoe (it's always nice to have her company when I'm out digging up b33ts), and went straight to the fields for some early mornin' harvesting! 

Fire & Ice is an accumulation of ALL of Kaskade's achievement has a DJ/Producer over the years. While he was heavily known for his softer, melodic progressive house (Move For Me, Angel On My Shoulder, any song from his album...), Kaskade has proven that he can handle the main stage. His new big room sound which can be heard from his singles like Turn It Down and Eyes, shows how much versatility and (i hate to use this word but it's hard to be creative this early in the morning) "swagger" he has acquired thus far. The first disk, Fire, features 10 of his original songs with awesome collaborations like Skylar Grey, Dada Life, Haley, and much much more. All of the tracks reflect his "soft side" of smooth melodies and lots of women vocals but still full of color. The second disk, Ice, is meant to cool you down after being scorched by disk 1. It's all of his downtempo edits for after hour activities. Very Nise!

Below I've shared 2 of the bangers. If you keep up with Freshb33ts, I've already given out Eyes and Turn It Down (two spectacular tunes). If you want those, check out the side bar of past posts and go-a-b33t huntin'! 
As always: IF you like what you hear, support the music and artist and go out and buy da album!

Ice ft. Dan Black (Original Mix):

This is a nice medium between Kaskade's smooth style and Dada Life's break-your-neck sound. 

Waste Love ft. Quadron (Original Mix):

doooopppee! Got a nice old-skool feel. This one is for slow ridin'!

Lick It (Original Mix):
I actually don't like this track all too much. Kaskade keeps it fresh with the well-crafted melody, funky disco beats, and keeping the leash short on Skrillex's overdone sound. 
I guess I won't bag on the 'Lex too much and come to the conclusion that they compliment each other well on this b33t.


Because I know how lazy you guys actually are and because I really want you to hear this track, I've added it AGAIN......ya'll welcome
Turn It Down (Original Mix);


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