Friday, October 7, 2011


   Just today, I discovered the EDC 2012 trailer. EDC this year was awesome and I plan on attending next year BUT I got a bone to pick:

What the fuck is up with all these music festivals selling tickets nearly a year in advance before the actual event?! 

If you watch the trailer on their website, at the verrrry end it says that tickets are going on sale November 1, 2011. 
Coachella is now two weekends in a row and they started selling tickets in July....more bull shit..... and I'll bet other big music festivals are going to follow suit.
The reason this makes me angry is because its now purely about how much profit these companies can make. THERE ISNT EVEN A LINE UP! Yeah, most likely they'll get the best artists around yada yada yada but how are you going to put people in a position where they have to buy a ticket now or potentially not be able to go at all?
Some of you are going to tell me "No, they aren't going to sell ALL the tickets" No shit, dummy, I knew that. If you followed Coachella at all last year: They sold tickets 5 months early and when tickets went on sale again during their normal time, it sold out in less then week. Anyone who really wanted to go only had the option to pay scalpers at least double the price. Sounds like a bunch of bull shit to me.
But hey, I am only one guy expressing my personal opinion and what can I do? Hell, I'll probably even end up buying a pre-sale ticket to avoid getting raped by price-spikes, come ACTUAL normal ticket sale-time. Fuck, this is retarded. Me angry.


PS: little side note, I live in CA and some of my friends are on the quarter college system. Apparently, the new date (june 8-10) is the weekend before finals week.......if you fit that system, I'd write an angry letter now.

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