Thursday, October 13, 2011



       What is up b33theadz! It's thursday, you already know the drill! Shots on top of shots on top of shots on top of some naked babe$! Oh golly miss molly! The theme of this week's b33t basket are jackin, wobbly, bassalicious house tunes that lie less in the big room genre and bend towards more of that grimy shit, like when you're on that purp, lean, and white gurl, VERY NICE! Get ready to get down! N_joy:

Luuk Out Girl (Original Mix):

 Finally getting some well deserved publicity, Flosstradamus has released this tune for FREE via Fool's Gold Records (A-Trak's label). This b33t is a sweet collaboration of their hip-hop, party-lectro background with punchy beats along with smooth verses from the one and only, Kid Sister! If these guys ever pass through your town, DO NOT miss out! DO NOT! MISS OUT!

Pills N Thrills (Original Mix):

 Wobbly electro to the max! Clothes that were once on, are now off. SonicC knows how to hit the spot ^_^ Me Likey!

Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix):

 Annnndd WE DON'T STOP!  If you're feeling that the crowd is losing a little energy, kick it into high gear with this JACKIN' remix from Moguai! Absolute kraziness! Like snort-some-PCP-and-go-python wrestling-kraziness!

I except nothing but the worst from you people this weekend! Get. It. On!

PS all 3 b33ts are MUST harvest!


  1. pills and thrills file not found

  2. ^fixed. Should be able to listen to it and harvest it now
    thanks for letting me know