Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wolfgang's new album

    Finally found sometime to listen to Wolfgang Gartner's latest album, Weekend In America. Genre wise, it stays simple. Every track is Gartner's very own signature, hard cutting, electro house. That being said, music-wise, the album is FAR from boring. Taking a quick glance of the track list, most of you will recognize a few of the songs released as singles throughout last year: like Space Junk, Illmerica, and Forever. In addition to those #1 hits, he has released 8 more additional tracks that are looking to follow suit in popularity. Also from glancing at the track list you can see he has done some mainstream work with Eve, Jim Jones, Omarion, and william. Interesting move but hey, everyone has got to make a dollar here and there. Overall, I give the album a solid 8.69/10
Below I have included 3 killer tracks that I KNOW are going to be top 10 hits. N_joy:

818 (Extended Mix):

Personally, my favorite track on the album. All I can say is that this song is HARD! 

The Champ (Extended Mix):

Very Undertaker-esque, Gartner goes crazy on this one. Also very awesome.

The Way It Was (Extended Mix):

 ahhhh This track pissed me off. If you've been to his live shows, you know that this song is a remix of Bob Marley's Sun Is Shining and that he usually plays a mesmerizing vocal version that has a better melodic structure (peep video below). Well, I guess the rat bastard decided to gypsy us with this sort-of-similar-sounding version >_< 
Hopefully he releases the real deal someday. Its a tie between 818 and his live version of this song for best song on the album.



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