Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ones EP

      What up b33t headz! Today, Bart B More and Hahvahd Bass have released their collaboration EP, titled, The Ones. It features two filthy tracks that reflect perfectly on both producers' hard, punchy sounds. Imagine the songs as two of your best friends. One is a grungy, city kid and the other one is your funky, foreign friend. Both of them like to party but in two completely different styles! The first track, The Dark One, stacks thrashing synths and cutting percussion that screams for punch-a-shark-in-the-face behavior. When the second track comes on, its time bust out your best moves to the fiery, "latin", The Funky One. Don't miss out on two of my favorite producers going super HAM on this extra special EP. Git harvistin NOW:

The Dark One:


The Funky One:


pees out

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