Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Know The Truth

       If you haven't already jumped on the band wagon, now is a good time! Pretty Lights continues to ravage the US with nonstop, sold out shows with the latest being with the first ever, traveling electronic show, Identity Festival. It was at the Bay Area stop where I was able to get my first taste of the Pretty Lights experience. To cut things short: the Colorado native dropped BOMBS on the crowd. What makes this man so unique is his intricate use of samples and literally every musical genre out there, from glitch and dubstep to rock n roll and disco; creating brain-twisting soundscapes that are guaranteed to phuck you up! Check him out NOW!

Stage set ups are getting niftier and niftier....lawdy lawwwd!
(PS: this video doesn't do justice. The bass was crippling)

I Know The Truth:


Pretty Lights vs Led Zeppelin:

He is a sampling genius! My favorite part has got to be the Black Dog snippet. Krazy shit.

If you didn't already know, Pretty Lights gives ALL his music out for FREE and in return, asks for an any-amount donation.
Don't be a gypsy and make sure to donate.


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