Thursday, September 8, 2011

B33t basket!

      Allo! Yekshimesh! Here come the excuses: got a jerb, an internship, and 6 children from 13 different women (don't know how that happened, it just did). Now that you understand why the b33ts have been slacking, let us move on. 

We're All No One (Nervo goes to Paris Remix):
 Hey! Don't be the awkward guy in the corner! Start it off with this chillaxing, smooth riding, pop tune from the saucy and sexy Nervo Twins! 

9000 (Original Mix):
 Alright, now that you've had your nightly quota of 3 appletini's and the 1's are starting to look like 10's, it's time to take that tie off your neck and wrap it around your head, sushi chef-style! Get ready to shake some serious tail feather to Carl Tricks' latest and greatest chune, 9000! Nothing to fancy, just some kinky horns and four to the floor, thats all Mr. Tricks needs to get you on all fours!

Big (John Dahlback Remix):
 Usually, we are used to hearing Dahlback rip our faces off with dark melodies and killur bass lines. This time around, he puts on a daisy hat and throws puppies on us with his latest remix on Sneaky Sound System's single, Big. The hook on this track is super addictive, get harvesting!


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