Monday, August 22, 2011

Moar David Guetta?!!?

       What is going on?! I know what you're thinking, "WHY ARE YOU POSTING SO MUCH GUETTA?!" Here is why, the tracks he has released so far that are set to be on the second disk, are fucking dope! I won't deny good music when I hear it! The first new release is Guetta like we've never seen or heard before. Glasgow is a heavily juiced, acid track that punches real hard! Again, I am hearing a lot of melodic-influence from his French brethren, Daft Punk (namely around 2:50). In the second track, Paris, he switches up styles and drops energetic dutch cuts over stabbing percussion, to create an enormous club hit! I think the Frenchy is getting tired of being known as being THEE sell out and wants a little redemption. So far, I am intrigued and am willing to give CD 2 (on the album) a chance :)

If it makes you feel any better (before you make premature judgement), delete his name or close your eyes when before you listen to the tracks

Glasgow (Original Mix):


Paris (Original Mix):


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