Monday, August 15, 2011


      Okay, this is a real interesting one. As we, the more-serious listeners of electronic music, all know: David Guetta aka Benedict Arnold deserves to get his balls kicked into his stomach. For those who don't know, back in the day, he was a pretty dope house DJ/producer until he realized that mainstream music is easy as shit to make and rakes in a lot more paper. Fast forward to now, he is only weeks away from the official release of his 4th (or 5th?) album, Nothing But The Beat; which at first glance, looks to be geared PURELY for the radio (guests include: chris breezy, urrshur, nicki minaj, florida, william, etc etc) *facepalm/3 thumbs down :(* FAST FORWARD EVEN MORE to this moment in time, I saw that he had just released this single, Lunar, with the dutch king, AFROJACK!!! While I was skeptical about giving this tune a chance (because even Afrojack has sold parts of his soul) I pressed play.....and was blown the fuck away!!!!!!
THIS IS A HIT: Hard electro-synths over an even harder bassline with a very daft-punk-esque melodic flow. I am digging this track like no other. While I would like to give Afrojack all the glory, where credit is earned, credit is due. Lunar is a small spark of hope that Guetta hasn't completely lost touch with his old ways. 

Lunar (Original Mix):

I didn't want to write this with the rest of the write up because I would be rambling too much BUT: The album is actually going to be two-discs, with the second disk being purely new originals and a few collaborations with electronic artists. 

mosey on with your monday!

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