Friday, August 12, 2011

b33t basket

        What up b33theadz!!!! I know, I know, here at Freshb33ts the b33t basket should start on Thursday but because I am a piece O shieeettt, it's a day late :( BUT do not fret, I got FIVE, PHAT b33ts to accompany you over the weekend while you over-indulge in alcoholic beverages and easy women! Lezgo!

Woman Like Me (Dillon Francis Remix):

Finally released a few days ago, this groovy moombahton track was highly sought after multiple previews in his many mixtapes and radio show appearances. Tuck this one somewhere safe in your basket, definitely a keeper!

New Life (Original Mix):

Another heavy track from the almighty, NERO! A little drum and bass is always good for the soul. August 15th marks the release of their full length album! 

I'm In Need (Original Mix):

It's been quite some time since the trio, Savoy, has put anything new out. Upon their return, they have released this MONSTROUS dubstep track. I want to say this sounds similar to a mellowed-out Skrillex; so much nicer on the ears. Very well produced, very filthy. Things are going to get greasy.

The Bass:

This is a huge treat. Bart B More, AC Slater, AND Drop The Lime put their talents together and released a 2-track EP (The Bass EP) consisting of serious booty shaking material. The piano line paired with the funky, vocal sample on this track, make for a deadly dance floor hit! 

Grindin' Kidsos (Ken Loi Mashup):

I always thought Kidsos never had enough punch and that while Grindin' is more of a tech-ier tune, it still could have a little more boost as well.....WELL.....Ken Loi heard my thoughts and did me a little favor and made this BANGING edit. I can picture someone huge like SHM, opening to thousands of people with this epic track! Well done Ken Loi, well done. *golf clap*

bubbity dubdudduba doooo THATS all FOLKS

what is this!?!!?!? hello new justice.....

"Justice ante up for the revealing of a second single from their forthcoming come-back album, Audio Video Disco, named Helix."

FUCCCCCKKK YEAH!!! New album, means world tour which means my life will be complete. Hold on to your g-strings.

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