Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B33t B4$k3t!

   What is up b33theadz! If you've had a grueling week as bad as mine, I know you're itching to let loose a little bit. My brain is completely empty of any interesting stories or clever lines so I'll just let these fresh b33ts do the talking!

Get Up (Autoerotique Remix):

 This track is pure madness from start to finish! Autoerotique does not hesitate to beat your ear drums to a pulp with nasty back-breaking-bass and killer synth combo! If you like filthy electro, this is the b33t for you!

Where My Keys (Original Mix):

 Currently crossing America on his "Meowington Hax" Tour, Deadmao-five has released a special compilation album full of hot, new originals from himself and the rest of the mau5trap crew. This groovy tune has a really smooth tech flavor. Nothing too crazy but something to warm up the crowd up with. I laAK! Very niSe! (My attempt to bring back Borat quotes)

Calling (Original Instrumental Mix):

 Its not very often that you see Sebastian Ingrosso's name on an original track and while he may not produce tons of his own music, it doesn't take a genius to know that he breathes raw talent. On this track, Ingrosso teams up with rising superstar Alesso to birth an infectious chune that you won't be able to stop humming! If you didn't notice, it says "instrumental mix" so I'm going to take a guess and say that vocals are coming...? Anywhoo, this is a killer track that is going to rock the shit out of some stadiums near you.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Violence

   Keeping to their simple, effective method of upbeat melodies with an extra serving of ass-kicking bass, Dada Life has done it again with ANOTHER head banging, blood boiling track to start off the Fall! Not much else to say except that things are about to get REAALLLLL uglllllyyy!!!
Be sure to catch these bastards live! You'll feel violated and complete, all at the same time :) RAWK ON!

Happy Violence (Original Mix):

Such a fitting title!


Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

       The biggest Monday yet, here at Fresh B33ts! Today marks the MONSTROUS release of one of electronic music's biggest remixes yet! Swedish House Mafia continues to solidify themselves as Gods of House with a legendary remix of Coldplay's latest single, Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall. Now, this is where the situation gets sensitive. When you start getting into dance remixes of artists as big as Coldplay, screw ups are not an option but what am I saying! I should flog myself for even questioning the musicality and skills of, arguably, the three best producers in the world right now. Even with all the Steve Angello drama, people need to shut their mouths and open their ears; GOOD MUSIC DOESN'T COME WITH OUT TALENT. Swedish House Mafia have upped the ante once more with another bone-chilling track. Ladies and gentlemen, it truly doesn't get better than this. N_Joy

Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix):

PLEASE listen to this through a good sound system/quality headphones. Eargasms guaranteed 

I predict SHM will be #1 in this years DJ Top 100!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

B33t Basket!

     I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and sound after that vicious 5.8 earthquake...LOLOLOLOLLOLOOLOL. I kid, i kid! Big b33t basket coming your way featuring a FAT, original from Congorock as well as come other juicy b33ts! Kick back, relax, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer! 

Invisible (Kaskade Remix):

Nearly 5 million remixes of Skylar Grey's single came out the other day. After leafing through 4.9 million, Kaskade's remix comes out on top; big festival sound with a little extra dirt! Me likes it filthy, so will you.

Molly's E (Nicky Romero's Molly's E Remix):

A bouncy, groovy, uplifting progressive tune that will scoop you up and gently place you on the dance floor, from which you will cut rug like you've never cut rug before! 
tl;dr: Meaty progressive cuts that will make you dance!

Sirius (Original Mix):

 After a long hiatus, Congorock is back with an original tune that is going to rock your socks off! Forgive me if I'm being a little too vulgar here but this track is like taking a shotgun blast to the dick!  Sirius is the definition of filth and good music; get ready to rage!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Moar David Guetta?!!?

       What is going on?! I know what you're thinking, "WHY ARE YOU POSTING SO MUCH GUETTA?!" Here is why, the tracks he has released so far that are set to be on the second disk, are fucking dope! I won't deny good music when I hear it! The first new release is Guetta like we've never seen or heard before. Glasgow is a heavily juiced, acid track that punches real hard! Again, I am hearing a lot of melodic-influence from his French brethren, Daft Punk (namely around 2:50). In the second track, Paris, he switches up styles and drops energetic dutch cuts over stabbing percussion, to create an enormous club hit! I think the Frenchy is getting tired of being known as being THEE sell out and wants a little redemption. So far, I am intrigued and am willing to give CD 2 (on the album) a chance :)

If it makes you feel any better (before you make premature judgement), delete his name or close your eyes when before you listen to the tracks

Glasgow (Original Mix):


Paris (Original Mix):


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Violence

Good ol' Dada Life, coming soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

B33t basket!

    Its tha freakin weekend! I know a lot of you are headed back to school, which is depressing and exciting at the same time....I don't feel like typing a lot so here it is, short and sweet: I GAWT FOR KILR SAWNGZ, ALL WERTH HARVISTING! GOGOGOGOGOGO

Weaver (Original Mix):

I've been a big fan of Clockwork ever since I heard his remix of Kelis' "4th of July" back in summer '10. Only a year later, Weaver solidifies the fact that this up and comer is ready to take on the big dogs. Incorporating his signature killer basslines, Clockwork goes HAM with this big-room banger! Keep your eyes peeled on this guy because I know he is going to blow up; money in the bank! 

Edge Of The Earth (Tommy Trash Remix):

Want to make the girls go "WOW!"? Hit play and let the song do the rest. I would place this monster at the end of my set. SHUT IT DOOOOWWN!!! I can't help but scream along with the chick on this track! STUPID AWESOME!

Aural Psynapse (Original Mix):

This one is pretty old (early 2011) but I just found it now, so effff you! This track sounds like the good, OLD, deadmao-five we used to know and love! Beautiful melody and the perfect amount of punch. Kind of trancy! Me likey!

Bootcamp (Original Mix):

Wall Records has quite a strong team. This is a filthy, big room smash from the works of (one of my favorites) Nicky Romero and dirty-dutch-dog, Apster. The build up starting at 2 minutes is INtense! 

that is all! Have a TUBULAR WEEKEND!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Are Boys

      Don't even bother trying to look good today cuz its about to get reaaaall ugly. Released off the prestigious Refune Records (Sebastian Ingrosso), We Are Boys is a testament that Style of Eye is one filthy mother fucker. This eerie track is chock full of inappropriate synths and hard-hitting kick drums, that are guaranteed to break your god damn neck! For your safety, take ten steps back to this monster slap! N_joy!

We Are Boys (Original Mix):



Monday, August 15, 2011


      Okay, this is a real interesting one. As we, the more-serious listeners of electronic music, all know: David Guetta aka Benedict Arnold deserves to get his balls kicked into his stomach. For those who don't know, back in the day, he was a pretty dope house DJ/producer until he realized that mainstream music is easy as shit to make and rakes in a lot more paper. Fast forward to now, he is only weeks away from the official release of his 4th (or 5th?) album, Nothing But The Beat; which at first glance, looks to be geared PURELY for the radio (guests include: chris breezy, urrshur, nicki minaj, florida, william, etc etc) *facepalm/3 thumbs down :(* FAST FORWARD EVEN MORE to this moment in time, I saw that he had just released this single, Lunar, with the dutch king, AFROJACK!!! While I was skeptical about giving this tune a chance (because even Afrojack has sold parts of his soul) I pressed play.....and was blown the fuck away!!!!!!
THIS IS A HIT: Hard electro-synths over an even harder bassline with a very daft-punk-esque melodic flow. I am digging this track like no other. While I would like to give Afrojack all the glory, where credit is earned, credit is due. Lunar is a small spark of hope that Guetta hasn't completely lost touch with his old ways. 

Lunar (Original Mix):

I didn't want to write this with the rest of the write up because I would be rambling too much BUT: The album is actually going to be two-discs, with the second disk being purely new originals and a few collaborations with electronic artists. 

mosey on with your monday!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Beef

It would be pretty fun to hang out with these guys

Friday, August 12, 2011

b33t basket

        What up b33theadz!!!! I know, I know, here at Freshb33ts the b33t basket should start on Thursday but because I am a piece O shieeettt, it's a day late :( BUT do not fret, I got FIVE, PHAT b33ts to accompany you over the weekend while you over-indulge in alcoholic beverages and easy women! Lezgo!

Woman Like Me (Dillon Francis Remix):

Finally released a few days ago, this groovy moombahton track was highly sought after multiple previews in his many mixtapes and radio show appearances. Tuck this one somewhere safe in your basket, definitely a keeper!

New Life (Original Mix):

Another heavy track from the almighty, NERO! A little drum and bass is always good for the soul. August 15th marks the release of their full length album! 

I'm In Need (Original Mix):

It's been quite some time since the trio, Savoy, has put anything new out. Upon their return, they have released this MONSTROUS dubstep track. I want to say this sounds similar to a mellowed-out Skrillex; so much nicer on the ears. Very well produced, very filthy. Things are going to get greasy.

The Bass:

This is a huge treat. Bart B More, AC Slater, AND Drop The Lime put their talents together and released a 2-track EP (The Bass EP) consisting of serious booty shaking material. The piano line paired with the funky, vocal sample on this track, make for a deadly dance floor hit! 

Grindin' Kidsos (Ken Loi Mashup):

I always thought Kidsos never had enough punch and that while Grindin' is more of a tech-ier tune, it still could have a little more boost as well.....WELL.....Ken Loi heard my thoughts and did me a little favor and made this BANGING edit. I can picture someone huge like SHM, opening to thousands of people with this epic track! Well done Ken Loi, well done. *golf clap*

bubbity dubdudduba doooo THATS all FOLKS

what is this!?!!?!? hello new justice.....

"Justice ante up for the revealing of a second single from their forthcoming come-back album, Audio Video Disco, named Helix."

FUCCCCCKKK YEAH!!! New album, means world tour which means my life will be complete. Hold on to your g-strings.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


^looks like some avatar shit!

     Like I said before, Kaskade seems to have a cult following. His music is mesmerizing and seems to pull everyone's attention all over the world. In his latest single, Eyes, he continues his natural patterns with a gentle, melodic progressive tune that will have you floating on Cloud 9. If you're feeling the End-Of-Summer-Blues, here is another beautiful track by everyone's favorite American to give you a little emotional uplift! N_joy!



I'm not crying! There is just some dust in my eye!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hard Fi

      Happy Monday! Here comes another banger from the Holland-hit factory aka Tiesto. This time he takes one of English rock band, Hard Fi's biggest hits Fire In The House and gives it the phattest big-room house treatment. Everything from the strong vocals, hard synth leads, and teeth rattling bass make this track an absolute monster!

Fire In The House (Tiesto Remix):

Big room house at its best!!!

Have a good week

Nova (Tiesto Remix):

Another little remix by Tiesto. My favorite part is the phat trance drop @5:00! Sounds look old school Tiesto! So dope!!
I will say, seeing him live was nucking futs but it'd be awesome if he did a pure Trance set versus playing nonstop house.....


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smooth Sunday

      Good morning b33theads! Whether you're getting over a head splitting hang over, going on a morning jog, or just kicking back and soaking in some UV rays, here is a little mix I put together to jump start your Sunday morning! I'm going to try to put out a monthly mix of whatever I'm feeling and what not. Let me know what you think and don't forget to enjoy!

Sunday Morning Mix:

*For those who lack technological skills, to download this mix click the little down arrow :)

1. I Want To Wake Up With You -Das Glow
2. Yeah -Boys Noize
3. Feel So Close -Calvin Harris
4. Take You Higher -Good Will & Hook N Sling
5. Blessed (Avicii Edit) -Tom Hangs ft. Shermanology
6. I Found You (Axwell Remode) -Axwell
7. Praise You 2009 (F.L.G. Remix) -Fat Boy Slim v.s. Fedde Le Grand
8. Nothing But Love (Axwell vs. Daddy's Groove Remix) -Axwell

Good day!

Friday, August 5, 2011


      Sometime last week, Kaskade organized an entrance where he would be riding in the back of a pick up, armed with works (speakers, turntables, etc.), and roll into Hollywood where he would play a few tracks then go inside the club he was supposed to play later that night. Well, as innocent and simple as that sounds, his single tweet lead to literally thousands of people, flooding the streets of downtown Hollywood, that wanted a listen. Personally, I have never really gotten into his music but everyone says he is the bee's knees. Definitely adding him to the bucket list. This music is taking over, one DJ at a time.

Have a good weekend

B33t Basket!

       What up ya'll! I understand its been a while and I've been slacking on the posts. In my defense, I got a new job and they've been working me like a slave. Anywhoo, its that time so without further delays, lets get into the b33ts!

Pick Your Poison:

This bass heavy track is a two man effort between Diplo and dubstep master, Datsik. Along side this tune, be sure to check out the rest of the Mad Decent Vol. 1 compilation album which is chock full of brand new originals as well as instant classics.

Growl (LOOPERS Remix):

A jackin house remix on Nicky Romero's single. Loopers breaks it down with edgy synths and greasy basslines! This one is a bang-her!

No Beef (Vocal Edit):

A dope project between Afrojack and Steve Aoki! What I really like about this track is the old school-Afrojack sound! Nothing fancy, just simple, piercing, dirty dutch! 

see you l8tr

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


    The Best Tuesday Ever at Freshb33ts continues with a filthy collaboration from Tommie Sunshine and Bart B More. I was first taken hold by this juicy tune whilst listening to A-Trak's new radio show on Sirius XM's Electric Area (thanks for the paycheck Sirius! jk, I did not get any payment :[ ). But seriously, A-Trak's new show is pretty, freaking dope, I recommend you start listening... BACK to the song! Bodywork is a grimy electro banger on 15 hits of that delicious, Grateful Dead blotter that will hit "all the spots that you ain't even know was there!" Next time you're working the 1's and 2's and the crowd is misbehaving, break their faces with this beast-mode track.  

Bodywork (Original Mix):

@<1d H4U5 4 +h3 w1/\/

have a nice day,

Sending My Love

      YES!!!!!! yeeeeeee-aassss!!! With no previous, official release date, this is the best surprise ever! At first, I thought this was an Afrojack/R3hab collab. but it is actually the work of powerhouse, Russian trio, Swanky Tunes and up and coming Dutch superstar, R3hab. This is easily one of the best singles released via Wall Records in 2011 thus far! This track combines R3hab's strong, Dutch presence, Swanky Tune's killer, big room sound, and the soulful vocals of Max C. Comparable to the infamous, Replica, Sending My Love is an overwhelming, hard hitting track that will bring down the house every single time. 

Sending My Love ft. Max C:

This song continues to kick my ass even after 100 plays....Thank you Jesus for electronic dance music

you heard it here first! spread the word! bla-dam!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


see you at Hard Haunted, bitches!