Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ZHM + Remixes

       Mustard Pimp is made up of the eclectic, French duo, Baron and eKa. Their music derives from anything from heavy metal to acid house and everything in between. This gives their music a special edge and sound that can't be pin pointed or compared to anyone else. Their latest track, ZHM, released off Dim Mak, holds true to this nature. While most of their tracks sit on the heavier end of things, ZHM is an acidic track that will slowly melt over your body. I likes it. Also included are PHAAAT remixes from Dada Life (as heard on their latest July Mix) and an additional head banger from Cyberpunkers. HARVEST AWAY!!

ZHM (Original Mix):

Dope soap

ZHM (Dada Life Remix):

The Dada Life dirty bass never gets old to me!! H34D B4NG3R!

ZHM (Cyberpunkers Remix):

Neck breakah!



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