Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Slaps

      What up everyone! So far, I would say Summer has been pretty good to me...and by that I mean the perfect 10 model I met last night that is currently sleeping in my bed, HAH! As you probably know by now, I joke a lot (or lie a lot) and woke up alone :( Anyways....Today, I got TWO smooth, summer slaps  that will have the entire trailer park going HAM around the local blow-up swimming pool! Pussy, money, Jeremiah Weed!

Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix):

This song was highly sought after, after multiple plays in many of Mr. Francis' sets. After too many fake leaks, he has kindly released the real deal to the public. Shake that booty to some funky ass moombahton! Easy, breezy, wiggle music!

When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix):

A nu-discotastic remix on Chromeo's latest single! Chromeo's album is set to be released on July 26th! Holllaaaaa

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