Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laidback Luke

      As of now, the hit factory from Holland is moving in full steam. Laidback Luke is looking to reclaim the top of the charts with big new music on the level of his past tracks, Heartbreaker, and Turbulence. At the helm of the extremely prosperous Mixmash Records, he already is making big moves upon the release of U&I, as well as leaking the instrumental version of another project with Wynter Gordon, and a future #1 single (rumor has it) with vocalist, Example. Ladies and gentlemen: He's back!


AWESOME big room mix of the original track!

Speak Up ft. Wynter Gordon (Instrumental Mix):

Huge! No one makes hard, big room house better than Laidback Luke! Once the vocals get thrown on the track, it'll spice it up even more! Potential! 

Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix):

Just throwing this track on here in case you haven't heard it. I probably heard this over a thousand times at EDC. Oldie but goodie

***PREVIEW*** Natural Disaster (Instrumental Mix):
(Set to be released July 11th!)


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