Sunday, July 3, 2011

Edge Of Glory (The Remixes)

    Your eyes aren't mistaken. Today, I have four, fresh remixes of Lady GaGa's latest single, Edge Of Glory. Originally there were around 10 different remixes but I picked through the majority of them and am passing on the best ones! What I like about these tracks is that each artists' style is clear and unique, as well as pieced together in a timely manner; they don't just speed up the bpm and add dance bass. The artists could change the song title and everyone would take it as a brand new single. Great stuff! N_joy!

The Edge Of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix):

The duo lace Gaga's strong vocals with big room dance cuts. Set fire to the dance floor with this banger!

The Edge Of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix):

It's hard to put words around this one but its VERY well produced. Porter Robinson doesn't jump around with too much call and response but still effectively keeps it grimy in a simpler manner. Thats the best way I can put it....

The Edge Of Glory (Funkagenda Remix):

My favorite out of the batch! Super smooth breaks into dark-flowing drops. Bootys will bounce!!!!

The Edge Of Glory (Bare Noize Remix):

I've been getting bored of most dubstep lately but Bare Noize keeps it interesting; lots of hard-rock feel in this bass-crazed track. Definitely worth a listen. 

Sorry for the lack of posts. EDC did me durrrrty.
sack will back in place by monday ^_^

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