Thursday, July 14, 2011

B33t basket!

     What up urrbody! My brain is still asleep but here are 3 juicy tunes to get your morning/weekend going. Me thinks you'll like all three!

Water (Dem Slackers Remix):

Dem Slackers keeps it extremely filthy all while promoting the act of drinking water! One of his best remixes to date!

Lick The Rainbow (Miles Dyson Breakfast Edit):

Miles Dyson takes the original shoots it up with HGH, to give you a FUNKY, HUGE, hard hitting remix! The drop was so big, the water I was drinking with my bowl of oatmeal turned into wine! 

Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Radio Edit):

If you're not digging all the head pounding electro, cool down to Avicii's latest release! After almost 4 months since the instrumental, Avicii has finally put out the VOCAL, radio edit of the uplifting, emotional, Penguin (Fade Into Darkness). Check! 

*****Preview******* Louder (Hardwell Remix):

WOW is all I can really say. Hardwell cracks skulls with a progressive remix on the dubstep song that is sweeping the nation. This is a monster! Set to be released on July 21st!!!!!!!! Mah bawlz r tinglin alredy!

REM ftw

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