Wednesday, June 1, 2011


If the tracks don't wow you (highly unlikely), at least you can admire the dope ass album art.

       Wawaweewa! Let me reintroduce you to Stockholm's very own/very unique producer, Style Of Eye. You might recognize this name from his massive re-make of SHM's, Save The World or his earlier 2011 single, Sexx. Either way, if you've even got the slightest taste of this man's music, you know that it's out of this world! In his latest project, Wet/Dry, he plays around with minimal-istic percussion beats while incorporating warped, unfamiliar synths, to produce two fun, interesting tracks. Have a listen and N_Joy!

This b33t is wet like LeKing on LeCourt! Super smoooove.
It's cool because you can totally hear the "wet" sound in this track. Kind of moombahton-esque with the high pitched synths and steel drum beats. 



Yerpin N Derpin

Dry (Zombie Disco Squad Remix):


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