Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekend B33t Basket

        The extra free time that comes with summer is extremely nice and not having to stress over school work is always enjoyable. On top of that, with all this spare time, I am able to make sure your music library stays fresh to death with the latest and greatest b33ts all summer long! This week in the b33t basket, I solely focused on tracks that hit HARD.The assortment of chunes range in different styles; from tech, electro, and dutch house, everyone is going to find something they love! Check it out and N_Joy.


ONE OF MY FAVORITE GROUPS, Mumbai Science, finalllly released some new tracks! Here is 1 of  2 off their new EP, which is also entitled, Lotus. It follows a strong techno flow, and I'm hearing some acid-house influence like similar to Boys Noize. Fvcking bang-her! Must Harvest!

Party All Day (Bassjackers Remix):

Bassjackers jack up the bass (had to do it) in this edit of DJ Snake's club single. I think all of you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Wouldn't It Be Nice (DJ K-One & DJ Lesty Remix):

This b33t right here simple but effective; not to mention, it will knock your fvcking teeth out!

Cal State Anthem (Sharooz Remix):

This b33t is long overdue but better late than never! Sharooz adds A LOT of gritty bass in this head banging track! Neck damage guaranteed. MUST HARVEST!

Good night

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  1. Nothing tastyer than a full B33T Basket