Thursday, June 2, 2011

w33k3nd b33t bask3t!

^Green Velvet

     For this installment of weekend b33t basket, we're hitting you with some SERIOUS electro-filth! BIG emphasis on FILTH! INCLUDED in this kinky basket are fresh releases from Justice and Bart B More, as well as phat remixes of Deadmao-five and the ultra-slick, Green Velvet. Grease back your mullet, shotgun a few tall cans of Steel Reserve, jack up the volume, and get ready to not remember a wild weekend! Lezzzzgoo0o0oO_O

Answering Machine (Santiago & Bushido Remix):

An AWESOME, hard-electro edit to Green Velvet's playful tune. MUST HARVEST.

Lower State Of Consciousness (Justice Remix):

Sort of related to answering machines, this fresh Justice remix sounds like a broken telephone ring. The end of this track gets fvcking wild! Me Likey! *Rumor has it that Justice has confirmed to play at EDC Vegas! CROSS yo fangaz (Justice pun intended ^_^)

Fifths (Max Zotti Remix):

Branggdadanngg! Some one spiked deadmao-five's punch with meth and baby laxatives! Here is a dirty remix of his latest single.

Traction (Club Edit):

I hope you are wearing some type of protection, whether it be kevlar body-armor or a human-sized condom. Bart B More paints the walls with smooth melodies followed by overwhelming, ball-busting drops! This edgy, hard-stepping, PHHHHILLLTHY, electro track is a MUST HARVEST! 
I have no idea why this track hasn't gotten more attention in the edm world....quite a shame. Do your part, spread ze word!

blaque out with your saque out

Oh my!

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