Wednesday, June 15, 2011


       Waving the red, white, and blue flag....of France, DJ/Producer mastermind Martin Solveig is sitting comfortably at the top with his latest project, Smash. The album consists of 10 tracks including his biggest hits Hello and more recent, Ready 2 Go; as well has tons of brand new dance tunes. Of course, he sticks to his familiar surroundings with pop synths, indie-dance beats, happy guitar licks, and addicting lyrics but that DOES NOT mean each track is the same. FAR from it! Have a listen below, pick out your favorites, and N_Joy!

Big In Japan (ft. Dragonette):

Dragonette joins in with her cartoonish voice on one of my favorite tracks off the album! Super catchy!!!

The Night Out:

This song reminds me A LOT of Digitalism. After poppin bottles til 6 am, cruise home with the top down to this smooth tune.  A+++.

We Came To Smash (ft. Dev):

Shout out to the dirty girls! This hard track will turn up the energy to unsafe levels!! Wobbly filth to the max! 

Racer 21:

I don't know if this track was supposed to have lyrics....Either way its a bomb instrumental! 

"Inspired by Martin’s latest cut “Ready 2 Go”, LaFaille imagines a stadium-sized stunt to grab the world’s attentionand to take his artist all the way to the top! Armed with headbands, umpire chair, cheerleaders carrying baguettes and a football kit, the capering duo hijack the stadium at full capacity for an unforgettable performance."

Awesome video. Go to his personal website to check out episodes 1 and 2!

bomb dot com!
definitely going to check him out next week in vegas!

PS. freshb33ts is gone 4 the weekend. See you kinky farmers next week

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