Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Skrillex Diplo Nero

    Collaborations out the ass! Skrillex is at it again with some of the best in the business! The first is another catchy chune to add to the million of other sub generes. I'm going to call it "moombah-step". With Diplo's heavy moombahton back beats, Skrillex covers the rest of the song with his signature screech. Me thinks you'll like it. 
    With only a few months away from Nero's album release, this next track is very appropriate. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for another huge, stadium killer from everyone's favorite drum & bass duo ALONG with Sir Lex (Skrillex). The trio go ham dot com (damnit, I wanted that to rhyme...) on this A-bomb cramming it with every element that we love to hear: HEAVY bass, wobble, sexy vocals, and more! I was really hoping Nero would've gotten added to the EDC line up =/ 
Get greasy! N_fvcking_joy!!!! 

Amplifier (Original Mix):

The intro keyboard kind of sounds like that one Doors song. You know what I'm talking about?
My favorite part of this track is around 2:15. Sooo dirrrty

Promises (Nero & Skrillex Remix):




  1. the organ tracks is straight from Dj Shaddow. It's a classic sample, and works really well in that track.

  2. ^thats dope! thanks for the info