Monday, June 20, 2011


        What up ya'll! I know you've been a little restless with my departure but alas I have returned! And with my arrival, I bring what you desire: FRESH B33TS!
         I remember when Ellie Goulding was the bee's knees in the music industry. Every artist was remixing her tracks left and right. Well, it seems to me that she has been dethroned by another golden-throated vocalist, Adele. After her major hit, Rolling In The Deep, the worldwide, mega hit, female superstar ROLLED (HAH!) out her 2nd single, Set Fire To Rain. You're probably reading this and thinking " 'tha fvck?! I want b33ts!". LET ME FINISH, YOU LEECH! Thomas Gold (you might know him from collaborations with Axwell, Fatboy Slim, etc), the Berlin-based, progressive prince has crafted together a jaw dropping remix on the track, taking Adele's soulful singing and creating an uplifting, big room BOMB! Beautifully-crafted melodies and a pinch of bass make this a chart-toppling, dance floor KILLER! Check it out now!

Set Fire To Rain (Thomas Gold Remix):


Reach Out (Thomas Gold Mix):

Another fresh release from Mr. Gold. He takes Sander Van Doorn's 2010 summer hit and sets fire to rain! Just kidding about that last part.
The track flows pretty nonchalant until about 3 minutes, where it snowballs into THEE most epic build up before smashing you in the face!


One more thing! Be on the look out for THIS:

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