Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Progressive

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       What? You don't get it? What's insurance have to do with b33ts? Absolutely nothing. Today I bring you FIVE progressive (ahhh now you get it? clever me, right?) bombs that are making big buzz around the blogosphere. Included in the mix are big new tunes by Revealed Records (Hardwell's Label), John Dahlback, Axwell, and more. Get ready to be uplifted by the Lord's music: HOUSE!

Nobody Loves Me (Hardwell Remix):

Starting it off BIG with Hardwell's giant remix of Bella's dance single. This b33t has been growing in nearly every house producers' garden, getting giant plays worldwide. It is now available to the public and heavens to betsy, it is PHAT; very graceful and smooth with a drop that will kick your legs out from underneath you (what? did I just hear some dubstep?!!?). MUST HARVEST! 
*If you're not digging the vocals, there is an instrumental but you can go find that yourself :)

Babel (Original Mix):

While Hardwell is king of his castle, his court can make some solid chunes as well. Jay Ronko and Josh Newson unleash another bomb off Revealed Records. This hard stepping track carries heavy bass synth and chunky breaks. 

Are You Nervous (Original Mix):

ohmaigawdd!!! BOMBAaaaAA!! This tune has a smooth tech. flow and hits like Tyson. I can't stop listening! John Dahlback comes through with another A+ track. MUST HARVEST.

Feel The Same (Axwell & Daddy's Groove):

Axwell and D.G. big-room-ify Swanky Tune's uplifting track. It's Axwell so do I really need to delve more into the song? Get harvesting.


THIS b33t right here has been creating the biggest buzz around the b33 hive. At first, I passed it over seeing that everyone else was posting it but I gave it a solid listen and ...changed my mind ^_^ Strong vocals, strong structure, and strong sound make this b33t the strongest thing around! This is what "big room" is all about. Can't wait to hear this on a big system. MUST HARVEST! 

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