Monday, June 13, 2011


     What up urrbody! Mondays aren't so bad when its the middle of summer! First off, as you all probably know by now, over the weekend, the Official Electric Daisy Carnival line up FINALLY released (about time). I'll probably post that stuff later on this week or you can check it out yourself.
Today, to supplement your b33t diet is a track that has been flying under a lot of blogs' radars: Quintino's FRESHLY released single, Raider, off the prestigious Wall Records; where Dutch House thrives (Afrojack, R3hab, Bassjackers, etc). Overall, this tune bangs. It's got great melodic structure and BEASTLY breaks. Where I am torn over the track is when it all honesty, it sounds like they fed your girthy, 300 pound, gorilla-of-a-girlfriend a truckload of beans and then sampled her bathroom session. Never the less, its a phat track. Have a listen, decide for yourself, and N_Joy! 

Raider (Original Mix):


This thought crossed my mind the other day:
How awesome would it be if Afrojack, R3hab, and Quintino teamed up to make a trio sort of like SHM?
If you have a twitter, tweet that shvt to all 3 and lets make this happen.
fank yew, gut bye

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