Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EDC Recap

     Welcome back B33t Farmers! I am at a loss of words of what I was able to experience this past weekend. First off, I was an EDC-virgin before Vegas. I was skeptical when people would tell me "EDC was the best massive they had ever been to". How was one large "techno concert" different from another? Little did I know that what lay behind the race track doors was going to alter my view of music events forever. I was completely caught off guard as to how massive this event was going to be from the venue, to the music, and even to all the people (I've never seen so many obese people in one place....jk)! I don't want to bore you with my constant rambling so I'll try to be quick, concise, and cover the highlights of this jaw-shattering weekend. 

View from the top!

       When I hear the word "Tiesto", it reminds me of why this music is so popular in the first place. You can argue that house is what popularized electronic dance music but in my mind, Mr. Tiesto was and is the first man to popularize trance/electronic dance on a global scale. With that said, he is what everyone makes him out to be: A fvcking GOD! His live skills are unmatched and his presence was felt, with every button he pushed or knob he twisted, throughout every corner of the arena. I felt a little bad for the other artists that had to play during the same slot of Tiesto; not only would they miss the magic themselves, it seemed as if EVERY person on the racetrack was in attendance for his epic two hour performance. Tiesto used his stage time to blow the crowd away with huge house bangers as well as some of his oldest trance hits. When the crowd couldn't take anymore, he pushed on and brought people to their knees with the biggest, newest tracks in his arsenal (as seen below)!

The crowd when absolutely insane when he dropped this phat new track! 
If anyone knows song ID/release date, please leave a comment!

If anyone knows song ID/release date, please leave a comment!

I could write about Tiesto all day but there is so much moar!!!

      Saturday, I started off with a little bit of Feed Me. At first I didn't know it was him due to the variety of tunes he played (check plus); I thought it would've been a more dubsteppy/electro house set. Instead, he moved efficiently between heavy electro house, house, dubstep, and even some dutch! Another top-notch live performer! 

Funky moombah-beats, heavy wobble, topped off with some dutch flair!
Girls were breaking they backs to this filthy b33t!!
Song ID for this track would be great! Please leave a comment!

Feed Me (left) switching over to Hardwell (right)

      Hardwell was DEFINITELY one of the biggest highlights of the entire weekend! Not only can the boy produce, the boy can DJ as well! Let the videos speak for themselves:

Hardwell mashing Simian vs Justice "We Are Your Friends" acapella with a song I don't know (again, if you do know the instrumental playing in the background, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!):

Hardwell dropping a new banger! Track know the drill:

This song has a sweet little melody that builds into a neck breaking drop. The crowd melted.

     The party continued to rage on with the 12 o clock headliner, Bart B More. This man has been on my to-see bucket list for quite some time. He kept the crowd wobbling to some heavy electro accompanied by tons of his original hard hitting tracks. Check out his dope intro as well a snippet of a fresh BOMB that is headed our way:

Bart B More Intro:

Brand new Bart B More. I know you're probably annoyed by now but if you know anything about this song, leave a comment below; in return, I'll mail you a ripe b33t:

Sadly, I didn't get quality videos of Dada Life or Boys Noize but you already know they did not disappoint!
Usually once the sun started rising, the crowd would start to disperse. 
In Boys Noize's case: 
Literally the entire arena was in attendance.

 Be on the look out for fresh singles from both Dada Life and Boys Noize. B33t b33ts b33ts b33ts B33TS!

Last day, I had my mind on tha Mafia (It sucked that Bingo Players shared the same time slot)!!
 Now days, a lot of the bigger names (Afrojack, Guetta, SHM, deadmao-five) are getting criticism for going "mainstream". Yes, I am annoyed when I hear Beyonce using the Pon De Floor sample and yes, I want to cut my ears off when Jason Derulo butchers Show Me Love but in some respect, the entire electronic scene as a whole has grown due to this mainstream attention....Back to Swedish House.

Wait before I get to SHM, I didn't get to hear much of Avicii due to some issues but I heard the last bit of his set and good lord, he had the main stage packed!

Here is a snippet of his soon-to-be released single "Penguin" aka "Fade Into Darkness". Uplifting, emotional, perfect. 

The time came for Swedish House....

Two Words: HOLY FVCK! I've watched Take One, I've listened to nearly all their tracks, I've heard as many live mixes as possible of the trio but NONE of that comes close to experiencing it in the flesh. While many of their live mixes share similar track list/music flow, they completely bent the crowd with curve balls and groin shots with a live performance that topped every artist at EDC. It was like nothing I have ever experienced or heard. This is going to sound cheesy but it was powerful and emotional (That might also of been related to the fact that I was on my 4th hit of meth at that point....JUST KIDDING). Anyways, I was too busy cutting a rug to capture as much footage but here's a miniscule taste of what Swedish House Mafia unleashed on Sunday night:

I NEED A SONG ID FOR THIS TRACK! Axwell going off!!!:

^SOOOOOO gooooddd

Youtube is being a bizznitch. I will upload the other SHM vids later!

Lastly, I saw Afrojack. Having missed his main stage performance and then listening to a recording of his live set Saturday, I can honestly day he threw down 100 times harder on Sunday. The highlight of the night was when he brought out his protege, R3hab and dropped their latest collab. *WARNING* This shvt is heavy!

The crowd went HAM!!!!

All in all, my first EDC experience was pure bliss. Insomniac did a great job with the set up and creating an experience like no other. See you all next year!

PS. Thanks for reading this...turns out I ended up rambajambling anyways....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

this weekend

You already know...
It's about to be an epic weekend in Vegas. See you guys when I get back and be ready for a phat weekend recap post.
If you're attending the festivities, try and FIND ME

This shit is going to be insane!!!!!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Skrillex Diplo Nero

    Collaborations out the ass! Skrillex is at it again with some of the best in the business! The first is another catchy chune to add to the million of other sub generes. I'm going to call it "moombah-step". With Diplo's heavy moombahton back beats, Skrillex covers the rest of the song with his signature screech. Me thinks you'll like it. 
    With only a few months away from Nero's album release, this next track is very appropriate. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for another huge, stadium killer from everyone's favorite drum & bass duo ALONG with Sir Lex (Skrillex). The trio go ham dot com (damnit, I wanted that to rhyme...) on this A-bomb cramming it with every element that we love to hear: HEAVY bass, wobble, sexy vocals, and more! I was really hoping Nero would've gotten added to the EDC line up =/ 
Get greasy! N_fvcking_joy!!!! 

Amplifier (Original Mix):

The intro keyboard kind of sounds like that one Doors song. You know what I'm talking about?
My favorite part of this track is around 2:15. Sooo dirrrty

Promises (Nero & Skrillex Remix):



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

djrunlk toinghitt

       Yohohoho! Today I wanted to share Ralvero's latest single, Drunk Tonight + the remixes, released off the almighty, Vicious Records (The other people that roll with the Vicious crowd: Avicii, Angger Dimas, Nadia Ali, Bass Kleph, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, etc.) Back to the main topic. With Holland blood pumping through his brain, the local star shows off his commanding, dirty-dutch sound in this big room, party anthem. Accompanying him, is U.S. rapper, Whiskey Pete.I'm not too familiar with this name but I have seen him on other tracks with other producers in this realm of music. Bottles shall be "popped" to  this filthy chune! Gettaharvesting!

Drunk Tonight Ft. Whiskey Pete (Original Mix):


Drunk Tonight (R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo Remix):

Very different take off the same dirty-dutch genre! 

Drunk Tonight (Breakdown Remix):

My personal favorite of the 3! Breakdown reformats the track with pretty, progressive build ups into filthy, and I mean FILTHYYY breaks! 

Have a listen to all 3 and pick your favorite!

Shout out to Shamboner aka teh veb master for the new Facebook button. Abuse the shvt out of it!

Monday, June 20, 2011


        What up ya'll! I know you've been a little restless with my departure but alas I have returned! And with my arrival, I bring what you desire: FRESH B33TS!
         I remember when Ellie Goulding was the bee's knees in the music industry. Every artist was remixing her tracks left and right. Well, it seems to me that she has been dethroned by another golden-throated vocalist, Adele. After her major hit, Rolling In The Deep, the worldwide, mega hit, female superstar ROLLED (HAH!) out her 2nd single, Set Fire To Rain. You're probably reading this and thinking " 'tha fvck?! I want b33ts!". LET ME FINISH, YOU LEECH! Thomas Gold (you might know him from collaborations with Axwell, Fatboy Slim, etc), the Berlin-based, progressive prince has crafted together a jaw dropping remix on the track, taking Adele's soulful singing and creating an uplifting, big room BOMB! Beautifully-crafted melodies and a pinch of bass make this a chart-toppling, dance floor KILLER! Check it out now!

Set Fire To Rain (Thomas Gold Remix):


Reach Out (Thomas Gold Mix):

Another fresh release from Mr. Gold. He takes Sander Van Doorn's 2010 summer hit and sets fire to rain! Just kidding about that last part.
The track flows pretty nonchalant until about 3 minutes, where it snowballs into THEE most epic build up before smashing you in the face!


One more thing! Be on the look out for THIS:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


       Waving the red, white, and blue flag....of France, DJ/Producer mastermind Martin Solveig is sitting comfortably at the top with his latest project, Smash. The album consists of 10 tracks including his biggest hits Hello and more recent, Ready 2 Go; as well has tons of brand new dance tunes. Of course, he sticks to his familiar surroundings with pop synths, indie-dance beats, happy guitar licks, and addicting lyrics but that DOES NOT mean each track is the same. FAR from it! Have a listen below, pick out your favorites, and N_Joy!

Big In Japan (ft. Dragonette):

Dragonette joins in with her cartoonish voice on one of my favorite tracks off the album! Super catchy!!!

The Night Out:

This song reminds me A LOT of Digitalism. After poppin bottles til 6 am, cruise home with the top down to this smooth tune.  A+++.

We Came To Smash (ft. Dev):

Shout out to the dirty girls! This hard track will turn up the energy to unsafe levels!! Wobbly filth to the max! 

Racer 21:

I don't know if this track was supposed to have lyrics....Either way its a bomb instrumental! 

"Inspired by Martin’s latest cut “Ready 2 Go”, LaFaille imagines a stadium-sized stunt to grab the world’s attentionand to take his artist all the way to the top! Armed with headbands, umpire chair, cheerleaders carrying baguettes and a football kit, the capering duo hijack the stadium at full capacity for an unforgettable performance."

Awesome video. Go to his personal website to check out episodes 1 and 2!

bomb dot com!
definitely going to check him out next week in vegas!

PS. freshb33ts is gone 4 the weekend. See you kinky farmers next week

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Progressive

ex-meth head

       What? You don't get it? What's insurance have to do with b33ts? Absolutely nothing. Today I bring you FIVE progressive (ahhh now you get it? clever me, right?) bombs that are making big buzz around the blogosphere. Included in the mix are big new tunes by Revealed Records (Hardwell's Label), John Dahlback, Axwell, and more. Get ready to be uplifted by the Lord's music: HOUSE!

Nobody Loves Me (Hardwell Remix):

Starting it off BIG with Hardwell's giant remix of Bella's dance single. This b33t has been growing in nearly every house producers' garden, getting giant plays worldwide. It is now available to the public and heavens to betsy, it is PHAT; very graceful and smooth with a drop that will kick your legs out from underneath you (what? did I just hear some dubstep?!!?). MUST HARVEST! 
*If you're not digging the vocals, there is an instrumental but you can go find that yourself :)

Babel (Original Mix):

While Hardwell is king of his castle, his court can make some solid chunes as well. Jay Ronko and Josh Newson unleash another bomb off Revealed Records. This hard stepping track carries heavy bass synth and chunky breaks. 

Are You Nervous (Original Mix):

ohmaigawdd!!! BOMBAaaaAA!! This tune has a smooth tech. flow and hits like Tyson. I can't stop listening! John Dahlback comes through with another A+ track. MUST HARVEST.

Feel The Same (Axwell & Daddy's Groove):

Axwell and D.G. big-room-ify Swanky Tune's uplifting track. It's Axwell so do I really need to delve more into the song? Get harvesting.


THIS b33t right here has been creating the biggest buzz around the b33 hive. At first, I passed it over seeing that everyone else was posting it but I gave it a solid listen and ...changed my mind ^_^ Strong vocals, strong structure, and strong sound make this b33t the strongest thing around! This is what "big room" is all about. Can't wait to hear this on a big system. MUST HARVEST! 

good day

Monday, June 13, 2011


     What up urrbody! Mondays aren't so bad when its the middle of summer! First off, as you all probably know by now, over the weekend, the Official Electric Daisy Carnival line up FINALLY released (about time). I'll probably post that stuff later on this week or you can check it out yourself.
Today, to supplement your b33t diet is a track that has been flying under a lot of blogs' radars: Quintino's FRESHLY released single, Raider, off the prestigious Wall Records; where Dutch House thrives (Afrojack, R3hab, Bassjackers, etc). Overall, this tune bangs. It's got great melodic structure and BEASTLY breaks. Where I am torn over the track is when it all honesty, it sounds like they fed your girthy, 300 pound, gorilla-of-a-girlfriend a truckload of beans and then sampled her bathroom session. Never the less, its a phat track. Have a listen, decide for yourself, and N_Joy! 

Raider (Original Mix):


This thought crossed my mind the other day:
How awesome would it be if Afrojack, R3hab, and Quintino teamed up to make a trio sort of like SHM?
If you have a twitter, tweet that shvt to all 3 and lets make this happen.
fank yew, gut bye

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekend B33t Basket

        The extra free time that comes with summer is extremely nice and not having to stress over school work is always enjoyable. On top of that, with all this spare time, I am able to make sure your music library stays fresh to death with the latest and greatest b33ts all summer long! This week in the b33t basket, I solely focused on tracks that hit HARD.The assortment of chunes range in different styles; from tech, electro, and dutch house, everyone is going to find something they love! Check it out and N_Joy.


ONE OF MY FAVORITE GROUPS, Mumbai Science, finalllly released some new tracks! Here is 1 of  2 off their new EP, which is also entitled, Lotus. It follows a strong techno flow, and I'm hearing some acid-house influence like similar to Boys Noize. Fvcking bang-her! Must Harvest!

Party All Day (Bassjackers Remix):

Bassjackers jack up the bass (had to do it) in this edit of DJ Snake's club single. I think all of you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Wouldn't It Be Nice (DJ K-One & DJ Lesty Remix):

This b33t right here simple but effective; not to mention, it will knock your fvcking teeth out!

Cal State Anthem (Sharooz Remix):

This b33t is long overdue but better late than never! Sharooz adds A LOT of gritty bass in this head banging track! Neck damage guaranteed. MUST HARVEST!

Good night

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nicky Romero

        I'm starting to see this man's name on brand new tracks nearly every week. A part of this new wave of young producers, Nicky Romero, a Holland native, is making his mark with punchy, tech beats and big room, progressive sound. With his recent smash hit, Sliced, under his belt, he continues to push the bar with his latest single,  Keyword: a dark, technical progression of hollow synths and juicy breaks. It's got all the elements to bring the house down. Check it out now and ENJOY!



Out Of The Dark (Nicky Romero Remix):


Turn Around (Nicky Romero):

A fat cut of Florida's mainstream smash. Both hardcore edm fans and mainstream lovers will enjoy this tune. 

One more thing! I am going to continue to stress how important it is that you are listening to these tracks through some quality speakers or headphones. You miss SO much of what these artists are doing if you listen through the lap top speakers and what not.

I couldn't help myself and had to share ONE more track!
This is easily one of my favorite Romero tracks. The flow is intensely groovy! Kind of has some old-school feel to it with dope ass vocals! MUST HARVEST!
Play N' Stop:


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Monsters And Sprites

       I remember sometime around last year Skrillex had just stepped onto the scene with his free release of Scary Monsters and Sprites part 1; which turned out to be an instant success. The dubstep/electro house world was shook. No one had ever heard such a unique style of production, nor had too many artists really got recognition of combining the similar genres as Skrillex did. Fast forward to now, Sonny Moore has changed the name of the game and continues to break music barriers with his raucous, skull pounding music. Just today, he released his second installment, More Monsters And Sprites, with 3 originals as well as PHAT remixes by Kaskade, Dirty Phonics, and more! 

First Of The Year (Equinox):

The full version of the hit track that released earlier this year!

Ruffneck (Flex):

"Part 1" of my favorite track on the EP. This song carries a smooth melody and doesn't sound like nails on a chalk board. Really digging the violins.

Ruffneck (Full Flex):

Wasn't going to give you "part 2" but I'm too nice of a guy to hold back like that. If "part 1" was too soft for you, here's your bass-fix. I actually kind of like this version more. Either way, both tracks are quality and will rock the crowd.

Scary Monsters and Sprites (Kaskade Remix):

Everyone knows this track. I was so happy when I saw a house producer on EP, especially that it was Kaskade! He keeps it dark and grungy but slowly starts moving the track "upward". Very interesting take on his part. Me likey!


Bienvenido a miami!


     While Insomniac isn't one of my favorite production companies, I'm still really excited to attend my first ever, Electric Daisy Carnival! With that said, I am getting pretty ticked off that they still haven't released the full line up. Thanks to, here is 51 of the 200+ artists slotted to drop bombs in Vegas!
(Bolded in Purple are who I am personally excited for!)
Above & Beyond
Andy C
Bart B More
Benny Benassi
Boys Noize
Calvin Harris
Cosmic Gate
David Guetta
Dirty South
DJ Marky
Doctor P
Drop the Lime
Eddie Halliwell
Ferry Corsten
Hernan Cattaneo
High Contrast
Laidback Luke
Liquid Stranger
Manufactured Superstars
Markus Schulz
Porter Robinson
Rabbit in the Moon
Richie Hawtin
Sander van Doorn
Sidney Samson
Simon Patterson
Stanton Warriors
Steve Angello
Steve Bug
Sub Focus
Swedish House Mafia
The Bloody Beetroots
The Glitch Mob
Wolfgang Gartner
Zeds Dead


Monday, June 6, 2011

Feed Me, June 9 @Ruby Skye, SF

      If you don't already know, THIS Thursday, Ruby Skye is hosting mau5trap's very own, Feed Me (Spor) for the very first time! Just after the release of his latest EP, To The Stars, its guaranteed that the heavy electro/dubstep producer is looking to take down San Francisco, 1989-style, with his freshest b33ts to date. While Ruby Skye generally keep their events 21+, this special night is 18+, SO don't miss out!
Get your tickets HERE!

Here are 2 of my favorite tracks but make you go to Beatport and check out the entire EP! It's freakkking aweesome

To The Stars:

New song by deadmao-five! Jk, but it sounds like it....mau5trap written all over this phat progressive, electro house track. Either way, you gon' dance!

Pinky Lady:

WOW! With hard-driving bass but slower tempo, this tune rides the fine line between dubstep and electro. Feed Me also adds a bucketful of wobble to follow the high-pitched, melody. Must harvest!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Line Up:

WHO WANTS TO GO?!?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

w33k3nd b33t bask3t!

^Green Velvet

     For this installment of weekend b33t basket, we're hitting you with some SERIOUS electro-filth! BIG emphasis on FILTH! INCLUDED in this kinky basket are fresh releases from Justice and Bart B More, as well as phat remixes of Deadmao-five and the ultra-slick, Green Velvet. Grease back your mullet, shotgun a few tall cans of Steel Reserve, jack up the volume, and get ready to not remember a wild weekend! Lezzzzgoo0o0oO_O

Answering Machine (Santiago & Bushido Remix):

An AWESOME, hard-electro edit to Green Velvet's playful tune. MUST HARVEST.

Lower State Of Consciousness (Justice Remix):

Sort of related to answering machines, this fresh Justice remix sounds like a broken telephone ring. The end of this track gets fvcking wild! Me Likey! *Rumor has it that Justice has confirmed to play at EDC Vegas! CROSS yo fangaz (Justice pun intended ^_^)

Fifths (Max Zotti Remix):

Branggdadanngg! Some one spiked deadmao-five's punch with meth and baby laxatives! Here is a dirty remix of his latest single.

Traction (Club Edit):

I hope you are wearing some type of protection, whether it be kevlar body-armor or a human-sized condom. Bart B More paints the walls with smooth melodies followed by overwhelming, ball-busting drops! This edgy, hard-stepping, PHHHHILLLTHY, electro track is a MUST HARVEST! 
I have no idea why this track hasn't gotten more attention in the edm world....quite a shame. Do your part, spread ze word!

blaque out with your saque out

Oh my!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


If the tracks don't wow you (highly unlikely), at least you can admire the dope ass album art.

       Wawaweewa! Let me reintroduce you to Stockholm's very own/very unique producer, Style Of Eye. You might recognize this name from his massive re-make of SHM's, Save The World or his earlier 2011 single, Sexx. Either way, if you've even got the slightest taste of this man's music, you know that it's out of this world! In his latest project, Wet/Dry, he plays around with minimal-istic percussion beats while incorporating warped, unfamiliar synths, to produce two fun, interesting tracks. Have a listen and N_Joy!

This b33t is wet like LeKing on LeCourt! Super smoooove.
It's cool because you can totally hear the "wet" sound in this track. Kind of moombahton-esque with the high pitched synths and steel drum beats. 



Yerpin N Derpin

Dry (Zombie Disco Squad Remix):