Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend B33t Basquet ft. GUT BUSTERS

      Sorry if you've felt neglected the past two days. Finals are coming up in 2 days and I'm trying to get that A, ya feel me? Anyways, the b33t garden is starting to overflow so it's time to hit you with the weekend b33t basket! Keep a bottle of Pepto Bismol on standby because all 4 tracks are going to make you nauseous! GIT IT

Bubble Gutz:

Fresh release off Wall Records, Apster compliments dirty electro with dutch house flavor! 

Freak (TAI Remix):

Another huge release from Autoerotique via Dim Mak. Here's the TAI remix. Whether you've been naughty or nice, get ready for some serious ear punishment. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE FREAK EP. Chock full of phat remixes from big names like Joachim Garraud, Sound of Stereo N moar! 

Technopical (Original Mix):

CURVE BALL! This track is absolute FIRE! Starts of in tech-manner and then out of no where.. Donkey kick between the legs! FILTHY FILTHY FILTHY MUST HARVEST OF THE DAY! 

Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Remix):

Dope club mix on Martin Solveig's single! I would say the original and this remix are on equal levels; each one bringing out a different-feeling energy. Harvest both! (You'll have to find the original else where)

Sorry if this post was very abrupt. Time is of the essence and school has got me on a leash =/

SHOUT OUT TO THE READER(S?) IN TORONTO!!! (or was it ontario?) Thanks for the support.
And as always, thanks to everyone else who frequents freshb33ts and spreads the electroluv!

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