Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend B33t Basket!

Can't stop the king! Only hope to contain him!
      Here at Fresh b33ts, Thursday marks the start of the weekend! Coming at you hard with five face melting, belly jiggling, back breaking, teeth shattering tracks to kick off THEE first weekend of summer! For those still in school, I don't know what else to say...good luck? Until then, the rest of us will be sitting poolside, getting more Vitamin D then appropriate, working on turning our winter coats into lovely, dark-skinned leather. 

Where You Should  Be (Jack Beats Remix):

The official remix pack of Skream's Where You Should Be, finally released with work done by Jack Beats, Laidback Luke, Shy FX, and more. While each remix was equally unique and awesome, nothing beats that JACK BEATS WOBBLE! Very smoove track!

Save The World (Pierre Hubert Remix):

One of our readers left this song in the comment box. I was pleasantly surprised. The intro through the first verse is very similar to the original track but then it drops! Mr. Hubert dirties the friendly, pop track with some electro filth! Be sure to check out his personal music page, where all his music is up for free download! Support!

In Division  (S-T3RRA's We Are All Fucked Remix):

While house is most popular right now, S-Terra continues to taint the minds of the youth with his self dubbed "Horror Electro". Very original, refreshing music that a lot of you will appreciate: Hard electro cuts and bass that will squeeze you until you pop! Check out his Soundcloud for free downloads of the rest of his tracks and make sure to stop by his Facebook and show some support!

Dance Machine:

Continuing with the theme of music that makes your heartstop, Gtronic's latest single is nothing but calories and deep-fried everything! 

Nitro Party Music (Original Mix):

This Hypster fellow came out of nowhere, stealing the Beatport #1 spot with his latest hit, The Uprising. Here is his follow up single that definitely does not disappoint. Harvest now!

Chuck Norris fears one thing...AND ONE THING ONLY: Vin Diesel.
Fast Five for an Oscar!!!

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