Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayonnaise

     I had a big ol' write up for this post but the stupid comp. decided to fail on me and the auto-save decided to follow suit. I am too lazy to re-write it/can't remember all the HILARIOUS, CLEVER blurbs that were included so here's the shortened version:
4 smoking hot remixes that will tickle your pickle. N_Joy.

The first pair of b33ts are remixes done on Dada Life's latest smash hit. I am torn as to which one is better but for the sake of Cinco De Mayo, I'll go with the R3hab remix just because I know you Latinos out there like that dirty trumpet and rusty trombone all up in yo ears! Olé!!!
Fight Club Is Closed (R3hab and Ferruccio Salvo Remix):

*SIDE NOTE: Speaking of R3hab, as I was surfing teh interwebz, I noticed a lot of blogs were posting "leaked" versions of his collaboration with Afrojack, Prutataa. Well, before you go creaming your pants over this future #1 hit, R3hab released this personal PSA from his twitter:
To all you people that have twitters out there:
@djr3hab: #releasethedamntrackalready!!!!!

I think I'm going to make a freshb33ts twitter someday...

Fight Club Is Closed (Hardwell Remix):


Next up....
Hard hitting house from Tommy Trash and Angger Dimas! While I don't know too much about the original track, these next two remixes are HUGE! Turn your speakers up to 11 to reach nirvana. IF I had a gun to my head and had to choose which one I preferred, I'd probably just die.... MEANING BOTH THESE SONGS ARE A+, MUST HARVEST MATERIAL!
Summer Of Love (She Said) (Tommy Trash Remix):


Summer Of Love (She Said) (Angger Dimas Remix):


1800 Tequila can't actually pour you a shot

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