Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hard Cruise

(Notice how it says "+Much More" on the bottom right corner...good god...)
     When word first surfaced that HARD was going to have a cruise event, my hands got a little sweaty. Just the idea of sailing on a 5-star cruise ship, in the Bahamas, solely for the purpose of partying to the live chunes of some of today's biggest artist keeps me up at night. Today, they released all the info pertaining to the event of a lifetime. Sadly, due to my age and lack of cash flow, I'll be sitting on the side lines with my head in my hands. Woe is me. For those of you who are ballin in the benjamins and want to start off the last year on earth in THEE most fashionable style, be sure to check out the Official Website! Abso-fvcking-lutely ridiculously awesome. 

If you buy me a ticket, I will be your personal slave for a month.
I will literally tend to your EVERY need......and I mean EVVERRRYTHING ;) ......

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