Friday, May 20, 2011


     Gotta get down on Friday. Today is dedicated to  Hitting you with 4 trunk slaps that will melt your system; featuring big releases from Datsik and Jacob Plant. Don't have much else to write about except that all four of these tracks are heavy as fuhhhhhh. Enjoy.

Sun of  A Gun (Jacob Plant Remix):

Last weekend, this track aired on Pete Tong's Essential Selection show. The vocal sample is dope as well has the ball-squeezing bass. Must harvest!

King Kong:

Bare and Datsik london bridge this track with bass that will melt your face. Kind of reminds me of that "Swagger" track. 


This track is more of that screech and grind people seem to like. I'm not a fan but I posted this for you bass heads out there. I noticed Datsik likes to incorporate a lot of rap over his tracks. Rap + dubstep = the future? I see it happening more and more every day. Doesn't sound too terrible. Who knows....

Dirt On The Side:

Another example of rap in dubstep! A filthy, sluggish track from Point Blank. 


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